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I dreamed I saw my friends -

I dreamed I saw my friends - that are a couple both really happy. They were in a newspaper. There was a big picture Oc them on their wedding day, and above it the headline was 'won the lottery' ?? What does this mean??

I had a dream where my mom

I had a dream where my mom cheated with my uncle in front of me in my grandmother's house. She laid down on the couch and I threw a remote at her eye. My aunt and I scolded her for tearing the family apart. I ran out of the house and filled my mom's car with peanut oil and ran through the neighborhood. My dad was chasing me in the car telling me I had to come back, but I kept running away from the car. I was tearing newspapers and throwing them on the street.

There was Andrew, Kenny, Ricardo, and Vicky.

There was Andrew, Kenny, Ricardo, and Vicky. I gradually found out that my best friend Kenny had gone to see a Spongebob movie with Vicky, and it had lasted seven hours. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” I shouted at him. Vicky stood to the side looking guilty. Anxiety engulfed me; the realization that the only person true to me was Andrew made me flock to the younger boy in desperation. I started to slowly kiss his face, but petals formed where my lips intended on his skin. I exited the room; I glimpsed Kenny’s hurt face. I received a text that was elaborately decorated with newspaper cubes and strips, along with Kenny’s own dialog. He was hurting, and wanted forgiveness. “I was the paradox of a nun earlier, but you didn’t give me chance before you went over to Andrew and kissed his petals…”

I was pregnant and no one believed

I was pregnant and no one believed me was at a party and everyone left me. waited for a taxi only to find out i was outside mt home..my gate was open then i noticed id had a break in my kitchen and living room floor were covered in newspaper i woke up shouting on my cat whom to my surprise was still there.

 I dreamt of going into a room

 I dreamt of going into a room to answer quiz questions and people in room turned into people made of newspaper who attacked me...

I go to this doctor on a

I go to this doctor on a boat and the boat in front of us I know because I read in the newspaper that he hides kids in his "School bus boat" and no one knows what he does to them. He could be killing them raping them, we just dont know. My mother is tailgating his boat and we are starting to boat through town to a doctors office. We get to the doctor and this man is evil. Hes so creepy that it makes you sick. Then he tells me i'm pregnant in front of my parents and there yelling at me and hes just laughing. Though I know that he and me both know I'm the virgin mary.

I saw my principal furious and he

I saw my principal furious and he came with a newspaper and showed i to me. 1st i thought i was given the school activity captains post and i got excited n when i looked clearly i saw something in the headline which defamed the school. I even saw my name written in the newspaper with a guy named Ben. Earlier in the dream i saw myself talking to a guy named Ben. I was also trying to explain myself and in the dream everybody thought i was an arrogant jerk