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I bought out my parents house and

I bought out my parents house and decided to fill it with teeny weeny plastic vases until a ghost in a beany hat started possessing me and making me live under a piano stool forever. Then some homeless guy knocked on the door so I decided he should lay in bed with me to watch Netflix but I got embarrassed because there was crumbs everywhere. Suddenly there was a siren noise and I looked out the window and there were eggs hanging from the sky on long strings.

I was sitting at a table talking

I was sitting at a table talking to a few people and my 4 year old son came over .I asked where his daddy was but he did not answer. I said I really don't like u wandering off alone. I decided to go look for my husband and ended up in a wooded area but just outside the woods was a gathering of people where I was just prior to the woods. I wanted to head back but a pack of white wolves appeared pacing back and forth I don't believe they wanted to hurt me yet they would not let me me through but started walking slowly toward me then a lady appeared just before the wolves and seemed frightned I shouted do not run walk my son about slipped away from me a few steps ahead and I told him come to me now he sort of laughed but I was able to grab him and hold him in my arms I was not sure if these wolves were dangerous but they did not appear to be yet I needed to get away from them. All of a sudden a loud noise and a really bright light came in the miss of the trees and a voice you are safe as a lady opened a gate to let me I I said thankuou and I just sat down holding my son in relief

The first thing I can remember from

The first thing I can remember from my dream was walking down the hallway in our house, (My grandparents, mother, younger sister and I all live together) and entering my room that I share with my sister. She was on her bed squirming around and making strange noises. When she looked at me, her eyes were fireballs. I ran out to tell my mother, who quickly ran outside and started the car. She told me to come with her, but I told her I needed to make sure Grandma and Grandpa were out first. When I went into their room, I saw my grandmother on her bed with a small black, almost kangaroo-like creature touching her. She was on fire. I then ran outside and joined my mom in the car. The next thing I remember from the dream is being inside a building with my mom and sister, the same one who was "possessed"? earlier. I don't know how we met up with her and I don't know how we got to this building. It was almost like a small castle. We walked down a hall and found a room with a wooden door, and locked ourselves inside. Then, my mom told us that the locks only work every other hour. After sitting in the room for a while, hoping the locks would keep us safe, we heard the door rattle a little, and then it opened. A very large bald man walked in and started approaching us, and my mom said, "uh oh". He stood in front of us, then leaned down and kissed my sister on the forehead, then did the same to my mom, and then to me. Although I was dreaming, I physically felt this and it was as if something was going through me; like he laid a curse on us. Then he picked up my mom and sister, one in each arm. He told me that my sister was a goddess of youth and that my mom was one of beauty. Then, looking me straight in the eye, he said, "someone special wants to see you". He emphasized the word "you". As soon as he finished these words, I woke up. Some extra information if it helps... I am 16, my sister is 14, and my mother is 50. I was at a friend's house when this dream occurred and I received some bad news shortly before having it.

I dreamed like my heart stop, and

I dreamed like my heart stop, and i heard a noise like piiiiip. And like I was dead but i still could think. Then, i start breathing, and i gived birth a boy. I am singel anyway.

I was swimming backwards naked in the

I was swimming backwards naked in the lake and family was here and someone was upset because I couldn't talk to them because my family was making too much noise

There was a murderer on the loose

There was a murderer on the loose who had a bald round head and showed a very big smile before he killed you. He shot people in the middle of the forehead and didn't kill everyone in the family. At one point we were on a bus and the bus started to sink so we sunk down to an underwater school so they could help us and once they opened up the back door of the bus I was at home in my parents room. My dad was in the shower and my mom was sleeping in my room. The night before the killer was at my neighbors house and only killed the middle child whose name was grace. Then I heard a noise and got paranoid but figured it was my cat. When it got louder I knew it was him and I ran into my room to wake up my mom. She got up and refused to help me hold the door shut. She kept saying she didn't care that he was there. He tried to open the door and I couldn't hold it shut any longer by myself. He finally wedged his way in turned behind the door to me. I grabbed the nozzle and bent it but he still shot me in the leg. Then he turned the gun around so it would shoot me right in the forehead. He looked at me smiled ear to ear and shot me.

We wer asleep in my bedroom my

We wer asleep in my bedroom my boyfriend heard a noise in closet so he walked iver to closet an something started pulling him up an as he was being pulled up he kicked off red an white tennis shoes he thre away bout a month ago an I could see a brownleg walking in attic an then there was a man in bed with me that looked just like my boyfriend an I asked him what happened he said they were taking him an did an my son came in an kicked him because he bent over in front of him

My cat wakes me up At 630am

My cat wakes me up At 630am to go outside. My oldest son happens to be at the side of the bed so I take his hand and then my youngest son is there and I take his hand. I hear a loud airplane noise. We walk to the front door and I notice its open. I procede to open it to let the cat out and see my husband on the porch and realize he left the door ajar. Walking back through the house with both children holding my hands we look out the window and a plane flies over the house and crashes into the town below.

So I was sound asleep & guess

So I was sound asleep & guess what? I had a crazy dream. I just can't sleep & im tired of it. In my dream, I'm sleeping in the bedroom. I hear noises & our door by the bedroom was closed. I knew I didn't close it, so I got my glasses & went to look. I barely opened it but there were 3 people. 2 guys & 1 girl. 1 guy said he got in because the side door wasn't locked. They asked if I was still asleep. So I had to run back & lay down & act like I didn't get up. Then the other 2 left & the guy finally decided to leave. & it was 7:15 someone came in the bedroom. I kept opening & closing my eyes quickly to try to see who it was. It looked like Nick but he was at work. Then it ended up being him & he said something about his life just got saved & he was gonna tell me something about my dad. & idk. But then it sounded like our actual door was opening & closing so I woke up. But I wasn't shaking scared like last time when I woke up because I'm like it could have been part of my dream. But still I had to see if someone was here & I doubt I'll be able to go back to sleep.