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I had a dream once where i

I had a dream once where i was at my house with my mom and my cousin. We were all sitting in my moms office watching tv when we suddenly heard the front door open. I remember thinking this was odd because it wasn’t five o’ clock yet and thats when my dad gets home so we knew it wasn’t my dad. My mom said to go check it out so I did and when I got there I remember seeing this old lady with a long nose and was kind of short lady. I think she was a witch. Anyways, when I saw her I just remember my mom, cousin, and I just screaming at the top of our lungs because we didn’t know who she was and then she started chasing us and she caught my mom and cousin first. Then I ran around the house for quiet a while until finally she caught me then I woke up.

I went into a coffee shop right

I went into a coffee shop right beside my office with a coworker to get food to take back to the office when I came out of the coffee shop I got lost and ended up collapsing in another office. It felt like a stroke my coworker saw it happen but nobody called an ambulance. I was panicking because I had to get back to work

My friend Mel came back to the

My friend Mel came back to the office and his assistant was so happy to see him. She smoked. She laid on top of him and said how much she missed him. He had a big smile on his face and was very happy. Then he had to go pick up some things and get it to the library. He didn't want to get charged 200 dollars.

The dream began with me waking up

The dream began with me waking up to a text message on my phone, I wake up and scroll through the notification centre to see a text message from my instructor Ms. Maryam (Interior Design instructor at the time of the dream). The text message said, “I need to see you in my office today”. I jumped out of fear thinking why would she want to meet me after the final exam is over. To understand why she wanted to see me I open banner to check my final grades and surprisingly the final grade was not uploaded, which made me feel more anxious. I wake up and get ready immediately wondering why she wanted to meet me. I wear a blue abaya and a white scarf, and leave for the bus. I remember falling asleep as soon as I go in the bus. I wake up when we reach the university and I feel my heart beating fast. As I get down the bus and as I get closer to her office, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I reach near her office and see her office is open, I pray to Allah to make things easy for me, and take a minute to calm myself and knocked her door. I see Ms. Maryam looking at me in a weird way, she looked different than what she usually looks like, she had the same face but she looked shorter, and long arms. She had a pink coat with flower patterns and was wearing blue jeans. She tells me to take a seat, I felt shivers going through my spine. She asks me if I checked banner for the final grade, and I tell her I did and the grade was not uploaded yet. She looked sad and says, “it is because you didn’t get a good grade”. You received an F. She goes on to tell me about her having so much of high expectations on me and it is just not my failure, it is hers too as an instructor. I began tearing up and wake up from my dream.

I was took away with a family,

I was took away with a family, apparently my own yet I did not recognise any of them, and placed in a kind of storage container equipped with desks, a sofa, windows etc. It looked like a mix between an office and a home. We were then instructed to look out of the window. We saw a school bus full of teenage cheerleaders and a few random teenage boys pull up to some steps. the steps led up the side of a large cylinder type thing. They were all dragged out one by one and led to the top where they were one by one attached to a chain and dangled upside down and lowered into the cylinder slowly. The cylinder was full of a boiling hot substance. I could hear their screams and saw each of them being lowered in. I felt anger but no remorse or sadness. I didn't feel particularly horrified and didn't have to, nor really wanted to, look away.

I am a police officer and when

I am a police officer and when I go to visit my school everyone sees me as an adult and I like the adults. When I go into the teachers lounge a friend that I haven’t talked to in a long time is there and we sit down on the floor and talk. While we talk the teachers lounge turns into a movie theater and I leave soon after. I drive home in my car and I go inside and get ready for a night shift of patrolling, my first night of patrolling and when I try to go into the drivers seat I end up in the back seat. I keep going trying to get into the front seat until finally my car turns into a tricycle.

My office colleagues and i were standing

My office colleagues and i were standing on a street. some of my colleagues were driving an aeroplane which rammed into some bulindings then i and two girls ran for our lives