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An old lady looks down at me

An old lady looks down at me from above my balcony. She seems a little strange and is unknown to me. She stretches her arm far away towards me to pass me the plastic container of my juicer. I feel safe and as if the lady knows exactly what I need.

My grandpa passed away a couple of

My grandpa passed away a couple of months ago. In my dream, all of my family were at my grandma's (his wife) house and suddenly I saw my grandpa in the kitchen, somehow I knew he was not alive in my dream so I turned to my grandma in tears and told her that I see him, I got up and we hugged, he had a huge smile on his face, one of those smiles that seem like you cannot get rid of, he was incredibly happy and it was visible, he went to the bathroom and I heard voices of coughing, it made sense because he passed away from a lung disease, when he got out of the bathroom my grandma saw my grandpa too, my grandma told my grandpa that he looks great and they both smiled at each other, once again, they both smiled very happy smiles, then my grandma my grandpa and me sat outside together.

I was looking for a guy I

I was looking for a guy I have feelings for and I found him in a place that looked like a basement and I went up to him and as soon as we were together a girl came out of nowhere trying to fight claiming he was her boyfriend and i should leave him alone the girl left and we went out to talk a walk he was hugging me from behind while were walking and I felt safe in his arms and I told him this in the dream and a lot more like the fact that I want to feel love and protection and I don't want to fight others for his affection and he promised I won't we walked back and we met a lady who quizzed us our answers for the quiz were the same we continued walking

Greetings MOG I had a weird dream

Greetings MOG I had a weird dream I dreamt when was at my Mai guru's place, like l usually be home alone l thought l was alone at home, l got out of the out to do my morning chores like watering the garden and flowers, l went out for more than 5 hours when l came back l found out that l didn't close the door and chicken layers we in the house they made a mess everywhere. I removed them outside and thought of cleaning the mess before anyone comes at home when l went to the bathroom l saw a naked lady on floor like she is dead l ran outside to seek help l found a topless man outside and told him to help me out what l saw in the bathroom when we got there l realized that it was my Mai Guru on the floor skin, thin and very weak, when that man woke her up she asked me to give her food like a small sadza. Since l busy l had not cooked anything then l woke up and prayed for some time. What does this mean

I was in a road near beach,

I was in a road near beach, it was a rainy day but at the moment it wasn't raining, then I had a car crush and my car jumped in the water.I swam to the beach and then a lifeguard or something saw me and told me that it's impossible that I survived this accident and I must had die and woke up. I also felt like this happend. I was feeling like a hero but I wasn't feeling that the way I woke up was good