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I dreamed this woman was smiling at

I dreamed this woman was smiling at me and speaking but she wasn't talking from her mouth she was talking out this remote in her hand that she was holding out

I dreamt of being by a Riverside

I dreamt of being by a Riverside and seeing plenty of Calabash on the ground. A young lady came to fetch water and told me to pick one of the Calabash. Eventually I picked the oldest Calabash and left. On my way people where struggling to collect the Calabash from me don't I refuse and finally I escaped got a cab and the driver told me to handover the Calabash to my husband when I get home...

I was watching flowers in some kind

I was watching flowers in some kind of open room which was uknown for me. There was few strangers. Then, older lady with long gray hair came and she was also looking flowers. But then, she suddenly stabed me with knight in ribs. I try to call for help but she huged me and stab knight even deeper in my ribs and I was like paralised or something like that. I try to call those strangers for help, but they left and she was hugging me. Then, I ask her will she kill me, and she said no. Then, I asked will she torture me and she told me that she will cut my arms, legs and then head, but I wont feel any pain.

I was at a kickback with a

I was at a kickback with a group of people I never seen before One female with red hair and red mutated eyes with a very unique design, not anything scary looking actually very beautiful and only the eye color was red and a seductive demeanor (DEMON?) She was brownskin She gave me the go as we were flirting to have sex with her We head to the bathroom as everybody is in the cut watching us and the place is dark. she pulls out a vape and smokes it in a addicting manner as she hasn’t had one in a while and rejoices in having one I think we had sex then I got a uber to go to a party I think and when I was EXACTLY 7 minutes away from it I turned around to go back as someone texted me they had sex with her and it was my turn to have sex with her next even though I think I already had sex with her and then I woke up I think Ps at one moment in the dream I was in a old room I remember from my childhood as in the corner their was New Orlean decorations covered in green and purple and yellow with beads and etc.

I was on a school trip to

I was on a school trip to Europe with my friends. The entire trip, I was joking around saying “I’m going to meet my European bachelor” although it was unrealistic. I’ve always been a kind of hopeless romantic, so I was very hopeful. During the last few days I do meet a French guy, about a year older. He spends the rest of the time with my friends and I, and we become more touchy and romantic as the day progresses. At the end, I have to exchange social medias and unfortunately go back to America and say good bye.

I dreamed of Jeff the killer after

I dreamed of Jeff the killer after I left my window open because it was hot in the room but Jeff the killer was in my room in my dream he told me to go to sleep