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I was in a dark bar sitting

I was in a dark bar sitting on a stool in front of a window but the men behind the bar were selling diamond rings instead of drinks. The rings came in many different colours and were very expensive, I was told by my mother to choose two rings as they were very expensive so I chose the clear diamond and the orange diamond but also liked the yellow. During the dream I thought this was a strange choice for me as I don't usually tend to go for those colours. After I'd purchased the rings the man behind the bar read my tarot cards but they were based on the rings I'd selected and I was told I should remain positive and I would have a very successful future. A few boys and one girl from my class at school were there, one boy in particular walked in holding books and he and his friend walked into an adjoining room which was a cinema. Afterwards we all sat around a square table and I showed my friend my rings which she loved whilst one boy rolled his eyes at them

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high waterfalls with multiple layers- we started out looking out from the highest point and then made our way to the middle look out point From there when I looked down it was still deep and far down to the water I had 2 per lizards I was cuddling with, One by one each lizard jumped into the water together where I saw one really happy swimming with a giant toad 2 pet lizards each went into the water My love had an orange backpack We jumped in the water falls to get to the next level We crawled through a tiny hole up into an exclusive rich person resort where there were rich taught old lady bodies who were flexing their ass in the mist and gyrating My iPhone broke and I stole purple tape to fix it Bathroom problems and expensive drinks and food Danny was there we got an appetizer It ended with my love and I on a train somewhere in Europe together traveling he had blonde hair and wire glasses we were in an embrace and it was as if it was a movie

I'm in the town where I grew

I'm in the town where I grew up, with my deceased sister and deceased uncle, who molested the both of us. we are in a building where I once worked in that small town. There is a large fire on the mountain, we are evacuating, I am carrying a large glass 1/2 full container of orange juice and take it to the car. My uncle is already in the car, that of which I currently drive now. My sister is still somewhere in the building. The fire is so close I can almost feel it, I'm yelling for my sister to hurry, we have to get our grandmother , who is also deceased, who I was never close with. I can see her running with a sleeping bag in her arms. suddenly the flames from the fire engulf her. The flames over take us. I wake up. My heart is beating fast, my body is in a sweat, there are tears streaming down my face. Even as I type this . I haven't been able to go back to sleep .