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Maggots and roaches in the shower. my

Maggots and roaches in the shower. my sister with a huge wound / gash on your head, talking about how she got stitches but you can still clearly see through the wound. a broken pipe. broken glass. my mom licking me on the neck. outside of mcdonalds naked and screaming, having a psychotic breakdown because they gave me beef instead of chicken.. apparently they have vegetarian teriyaki rice bowls, but my mom's ex-husband/ my stepdad asks if they have chitlins. I see a celebrity in my dream. but the rest is all a nightmare.

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I get this dream where i watch

I get this dream where i watch my brother die, everytime it's different, my brother died 5 years ago and around that and around his birthday i get this dream and i can't move and he gets killed or just dies slowly and has no oxygen and i can't talk or move in the dream and he is right in front of me. Sometimes he gets murdered and sometimes he dies from SIDS

I was 16 and I was dreaming

I was 16 and I was dreaming about this in July. I was going to take my siblings to tennis and I was in front of St.Bernards. I was outside of my car and it started rolling with my siblings and their friend inside. I tried to stop it but I couldn’t, and then it rolled slowly and hit Lincoln. It was very light though. Then my siblings disappeared and these homeless guys came up to me. He wanted money and I was really scared. Then he started doing tricks. He road a unicycle down the street and was coming back. I got into my car and drove away very fast and I was terrified. Then I was driving and I stopped in Pennington. Then this guy slowly walked up to me while I was in my car. This terrified me and he motioned for me to come out. I started going and then he ran to my car and tried to open my door. I drove away fast and he ran after me.

I was in a jungle but I

I was in a jungle but I couldn’t see myself because everything was dark and loud. There were all sorts of sounds of animal cries around me like lions growling in the distance and birds up in the trees. I didn’t know where I was going and I just felt lost. I keep walking but didn’t know where I was going I just felt like I was being smothered by all that was around me. I never made it out.

In one dream I remember looking at

In one dream I remember looking at the front door to my house which was locked and seeing it slowly unlock from the outside on its own when everyone was home, then quickly lock itself again. This freaked me out. Then later in the same dream, I was sitting by a window reading or something. I looked out of the window and in the distance saw a creature that seemed to be human-sized and human-shaped but with a goats head. A demon goat.

Dreamed of popping fireworks then thousands of

Dreamed of popping fireworks then thousands of what seem to me as finches flying into the house and a white owl was also in the house. Whole house was full of birds that I tried to get out of the house. But I was not scared of them. Actually I was a peace with seeing the birds and gorgeous white owl.

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