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I was going home on the usual

I was going home on the usual school bus I go on from school ending. My Bus driver look like she was about to stop at my house for me to go home, but she went past my house. I got her attention and said " Sharon you passed my house!" "We will drop you off later" she responded. I don't know exactly how, but the next thing I know I'm with my aunt Amber driving a vehicle unknown to me with my cousins Kean and Hannah in the backseat as I sit in the passenger seat. Then the car stopped moving. I went out of the car to only find a part of a tire missing, creating a crescent like shape. I tell my aunt and she freaks out trying to figure out what to do. I decide since we were by the church that was only a couple minutes from my house that I would walk home to get a tire. Then I am at my house standing in the big field at the the side of my home. The my aunt appears beside me and we start talking. That's when we heard Kean and Hannah screaming , which sounded like they by the woods on the curve of the road. We start running where Kean and Hannah start running to, the house. We start feeling a sense of danger, causing us to run like our lives count on it. Then being way behind my aunt I am grabbed from Behind and I am knocked out. Then laying on what feels like my bed in my room, I notice there's someone or something on top of me. Then I decided to keep my eyes closed feeling it's the entity that keeps appearing in my dreams since I was a kid. That' s when I noticed with my eyes still closed that the entity was was doing something that caused me to have a feeling of pleasure. Then as a result I began to moan. Then I realized, I was having sex. That is right, sex! Then surprisingly for the first time in my dreams with this reappearing entity, I started opening my eyes a little. Then the entity says something and somehow disappears, leaving me with a shocked and somewhat blushing due to the fact that I uncover my self from my bed blanket to find myself naked with nothing but panties.