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I was in a darkish brown church

I was in a darkish brown church like building. I was with my mom, brother, boyfriend, and a close family friend. We were fighting waves of monsters like zombies, demon wolves, and apes. In the second round I had lost all my family. They were laying down on the ground in a row with all the other dead people. I couldn't find my brother as if he vanished into thin air. I told my boyfriend something but I don't remember what I said. When was walking next to a lake I saw a 2 story house in the middle of the lake. The was an old woman with white wavy hair sitting in a chair at the end of the window. She was wearing a white night gown. She started chasing me back to the dark room where I began. I had an umbrella I was hiding from her under me. There was other people in the room too. They told me not to look into her eyes. The lady who was chasing me said the umbrella was around where I laid and she was gonna find it. She saw it poking out from under me and I gave it to her. I looked at her and she said don't be afraid child. She unscrewed a part in the umbrella and she took this tube like object out. It had a small hole on one end and a big one on the other. The big end had sparkles and colors of the rainbow coming out of it. I grabbed her hand and the tube helped use magically float back to her house in the lake. When we got there I said I had to go back. When I went back my boyfriend was in a white coffin with red, yellow and white flowers. My families friend was in a black coffin with red, yellow and white flowers too. Then I asked the lady who live in the middle of the lake if my families friend and my boyfriend could be next to each other. Then the black and white coffin appeared. The black one was on the laft and the white one was on the right. Then I woke up.

Twilight Sparkle came to me and asked

Twilight Sparkle came to me and asked how I was doing. I answered that I was doing good. She then left and Rainbow Dash appeared. She admitted that I am awesome. I said she was awesome. We then smiled til the end of the dream.

I dreamt that I reached a rainbow

I dreamt that I reached a rainbow and ran either side of it to look for a pot of gold I couldn't find any but I felt happy