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I was talking with my brother and

I was talking with my brother and his girlfriend in my room when I notice it is flooding. The bathroom next door to my room is also flooding. I fear that my room will collapse so we begin trying to mop up the flood from the carpet. However, the flood keeps spreading. A kitten drops onto my brother out of nowhere and tells us he needs saved. The kitten got in from a hole in the basement. We go down to the basement to fix the whole and my dad is down there. My dad has blocked off the basement in an effort to save the house. As we go to fix the hole a small dog is trying to get in to be saved as well.

I was talking with people in my

I was talking with people in my room when I notice it is flooding. The bathroom next door to my room is also flooding. We begin trying to mop up the flood from the carpet but it is spreading. A kitten drops onto my brother out of nowhere and tells us he needs saved. The kitten got in from a hole in the basement. We go down to the basement to fix the whole and my dad is down there. My dad has blocked off the basement in an effort to save the house. As we go to fix the hole a small dog is trying to get in to be saved as well.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in a classroom with others and the teacher looked like Albert Einstein but skinnier. He called on me for some reason and I wasn't so sure why because my hand wasn't raised. And he said "Megan" and I said "yes?" And he said "your sister is getting married soon right?" And I was confused and said "yes, how do you know that?" And he said "I've been reading your mind for centuries" and that's when I woke up.

So ima start from the beginning. So

So ima start from the beginning. So i remember that me and a freind went to a teacher that ima have in a couple of days when school starts we went to her house and i dont know why she gave me a bmx bike that our school normally lets u borrow at the after school program and so me and my freind went back to school on them when school was over already so then we hung out for a wile and then i dont really remember but i think my brother called me because i live right in front of the school so i go on my bike and i dont know where my freind went so then we went to this guy who lives like 6 houses down but it wasnt the real guy as he is in real life so i dont know wat hes telling my brother all of a sudden he hands him like those skulls that doctors use to tell were the muscle and everything is it was the head part but it wasnt exactly human lookin it was like a devil face and he was showing my brother were his daughter or something like that had the ingery so then i remember my brother say ok ill show the doctor so he was helping him out but then out of nowhere a video of that devil skull came up and it was saying dont look at the video and dont read this because something would happen and so in my dream i was like okay wat ever u know but then i forgot to tell u guys before we went to the guy i set my bike down on the grown and as i was reading the video i heard someone like scrape it off the grown and like took it but we inteded to look idk y but when we were done talking to the guy we turn around and all of a sudden its like dark and i look at the ground and i can see the the pegs of the bike scrapped on the groung so then i run and see if i can see who took it and when i get to corner i look to my right and i can see the guy in a black jacket very far but ass im looking at him theirs a verry tall man holding a gun but in a position of holding an rpg so i remember telling my brother lets go inside hurry and he was like y and i said theres a tall man shooting at people and i look at my neighbor and i thought she was just looking at them shoot but when i see turns out they shot her in the stomach part and i live like in the back of a house so its like two house one in the front and one in the back and my front neighbor is also dead so me and my brother open the gate to enter the back and he said i saw a ginormous fat tall shadow so i let him go first i mean hes 18 im 13 so he goes and it looks like hes punching the wall hes just punching wherever in my eyes but he was punching the shadow and we went inside to our room and i was like call mom and tell her to not come home because she was working and i told him tell her to go to fillmore where my aunt liveso then it ended but for me it seems like ive had a dream where the people shooting shot my neighbors already and they were fighting outside it seemed like i had a dream exactly with thoes people i remembered them but i might of not had it but thats all thanks

A character from a book i am

A character from a book i am currently reading came into my room while i was asleep. he crowled onto my bed so he was positioned on top of me. when he did this, i woke up and twisted around and in the action i flung him so i was on top of him. i held his hands down, even though he was sort of muscular and i knew he was stronger than me. then i asked who he was and he aid his name. then at the same time we said the organization he was from. i let him up and we sat on the edge of the bed. i knew if the organization sent him then something was bad. he told me i dont have normal blood and i needed to go with him to get my blood tested. i asked what i would do about my parents and he said he would take care of that. i was beggining to pack my stuff when i saw he had a troubled look on his face. then three wolves came into the room. he tried to protect me but then i was watching this scene unfols from a third person view. my eyes started glowing bright white and i skillfuly killed the wolves. my eyes stopped glowing. he looked at me in wonder and awe. i felt my knees go weak and as i fell he caught me and carried me out of my house and i felt mushy inside as he was carrying me. then i woke up for real.

I had a dream that me and

I had a dream that me and my boyfriend was in a yard but for some reason it was a jail yard and I was the only female with all these guys... Well some how I got a book and was reading it and some big guy told me if I wanted you to have that I would had gave it to you so now my bf came from nowhere told him it's jus a book and the other guy told him I'm not talking to you well my bf tried to laugh it off but the other guy wouldn't leave it alone.. So my bf tried to get the guy to leave but the guy told him to say something else well my bf laugh again then the guy came over and started to break his thumb and was making my bf scream but for some reason I didn't get up to help and I couldn't lift up my head to see what was going on... What dose that mean?

Garrett wanted to ask Miss Tairee about

Garrett wanted to ask Miss Tairee about something, but when he turned away for a moment, she turned into the Hag and began crawling towards him over the desk. He tried to draw his dagger, but then two burly Mechanists approached him from behind. One of them grabbed Garrett in an iron grip that robbed him of all strength, while the other systematically took away all his equipment and put it into a bag, all the while laughing and sneering at the thief. The moment Garrett was released, he felt that he could move again, and ran out of the library. In the street, the glow of a Keeper Door Glyph caught his eye, and with relief he opened the passage and sneaked in. He came into a room full of Keepers, all of which looked upon him with disapproval, and First Keeper Orland angrily scolded Garrett for interfering in the initation ceremony. Today the Keeper order was taking in a new member — it was Cole, who in the black initiate garb looked oddly like a scared rabbit. Orland continued to explain that Cole would be a major asset for the order. Finally, he said, the cryptic ancient prophecies would be made clear, because Cole can use his mind-reading skills to read the writers' thoughts. Garrett scoffed at the idea and tried to ask what about the writers who were already dead, but everyone ignored him and left, and now he was alone in the dining room. Alone? No, that girl, Shiara, was sitting at the other end of the table, playing with her cat. And behind her, one of the Hag's animated statues was approaching. It was going to splatter the kitten over the walls and smash in the girl's skull. He tried to warn her, to save her, but his body felt like lead and he could only whisper...

(disclaimer: this is descriptive but not like

(disclaimer: this is descriptive but not like in a sexual way) So it started off with her and I laying down right and we were at my house but it was a completely different house than my actual house and I was on my laptop and the mouse wouldn't work and she was laying right beside me and I tried to get it to work but it wouldn't and I got frustrated and she was on her phone but saw me and realized I was frustrated then I looked at her and I put the mouse down and I put my right hand on her the outside of her inner thigh and I remember us looking at each other and then it all faded then next thing I knew, we were at school but Zoe didnt pop up in this part of the dream, it was just me walking around the school and the school looked super modern and futuristic it was cool. but anyways, I start off in the cafeteria and I get up and walk up the stairs and I had Jan but everything was tilted like shifted to the right, horizontal and such it was trippy, so I go to the stairs and walk up to meet up with Julianne(whom I actually have Geometry with) so we meet and she's with Cory and Julianne says that Jan needed a stupid pass and is really passive aggressive about it, and ranting about Jan, but I however, don't say anything, but laugh and we all walk down the hallway together, to where you may ask? I have no clue but we all walk away side by side and everything fades to black again. After everything fades black, and I guess a new part of the dream is awakened, so do I. The black deceases and I woke up, back at my bed, wearing this nice grey t-shirt, with Zoe laying on my chest, trying to fall asleep. I look down at her and she is smiling at me as she runs her fingertips across my neck and pulls me closer to her. She runs her hands over my face, over my lips, we kiss, she lays back down, continuing her motions with her fingertips across my neck and my chest and it fades to black yet again. The black clears and I am back at the futuristicly modern school sitting in the cafeteria talk with you, Shania and 2 other people whos faces I couldn't make out. We are sitting there, you guys are talking but everything in my head goes silent and all I think about is Zoe as throughout the entire dream there is this narration of my voice talking about how beautiful she is, how much I loved her, how much she meant to me, etc etc and this rings out the entire dream whenever I or other people in the dream are not speaking except for in this case when the people around me are. I record the words that I hear in my head eluding whatever it is you guys are saying, going practically deaf to the conversation you guys are having and I get up, with the notes in my phone open, the date reading "February 23, 2016, and I get up and walk away and all I can hear is the sound of my own voice narrating my passion for her. As I am about to walk out of the cafeteria, I am abstractly scorned by Ms. McKinney, our 7th grade math teacher, but I do not hear a single word she has said as she goes on and on, all I can think about is the words in my notes and of course, Zoe. Once the scolding is done, the narration pauses for me to say "Okay" but quickly resumes after my speech and I shuffle around Ms. McKinney and continue walking out of the cafeteria doors happy as can be. It fades to black and I wake up but refuse to move in order to retain the details of the dream and here we are now. One of the craziest parts by far was that I felt everything. Every little thing in the dream I actually felt. I remember clearly, pretty much it all: me touching Zoe's thigh and the texture of her jeans, how the phone felt in my hands, when she touched me and was caressing me as I felt asleep, I remember it all, even how she looked at me, it all felt real