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I was in a dialysis center where

I was in a dialysis center where I went just to relax and watch tv and I saw a guy from college I know with his wife which neither one of them was getting a dialysis treatment. He also had long hair which he doesn’t have in real life. He’s also isn’t married in real life.

My mother cheating on my step father

My mother cheating on my step father I had a dream about this 2 weeks ago and apparently I had to snoop on my mom phone to take the suspicious activity and make sure it's not true but it is and with the same guy I dreamt about my mom cheating with. And my mom been to protective about her phone and stuff the pass 2 weeks when the dream started. Lately I been dream about things happening in real life but not exactly the same thing but random place but same thibg.

I dreamed that a couple of people

I dreamed that a couple of people I know were hanging out with my ex girlfriend and posted pictures on their snapchat stories. I snarked to a friend about not wanting to see the pictures, but then I somehow ended up hanging out with them. At one point my ex’s new girlfriend whispered to her asking if I was her ex, to which she said no, that I was just some girl that either she went out on a date with once or who was obsessed with her (I can’t quite remember). She said something similar very publicly multiple times in real life, so it stung. Then I crawled on top of her and started choking her, just enough to make her listen. I told her that was bullshit, that we were in love (we actually did say “I love you” at one point in real life), and that you can’t just pretend a relationship didn’t happen. Then I let go, and the next thing I remember is hearing that she died later on while eating crackers. The whole thing felt really satisfying in the dream, but freaked me out when I woke up.

I was at school and my ex

I was at school and my ex was there and some old faces too and I was just walking around campus and meeting everyone and then I was in the cafeteria area alone with just my ex having a private meal and he was acting stupid and I was acting normal and he had this thing and it mocked me and then the scene changed to me opening a door for some girl and a celebrity and then going around campus to find out i lost my backpack and notebook to me looking for it and finding out where it was, from my full real name being announced; I was thinking shit some people don't know my name, as I go by MilaToro for my job in real life right now. And it got announced on the school speaker by a teacher for all to hear; along with my and age that I'm going to be next year and I franticly went to the room and the teacher was there on the steps to enter the classroom and he saw me and gave gave me my stuff and to find out it wasn't my notebook that someone else had it and i thought it was my ex who had it but i kept the notebook anyway. As I’m walking away I told the girl next to me and told her well it's filled with math notes i midst well keep it as i can learn from it. Then it jumped form the school campus grounds to urban ranch styled homes and bulls in the grass fields. I was I guess still looking for my notebook and to the left of the grassy fields was the school outside campus, I was running from street to campus walkways to the grass fields and somehow ended up being chased by multiple bulls and running to jump over the gate into the flowers to be safe the bull was so close to smashing me. It's ironic because the bull I was thinking in my dream was a representation of me , because my horoscope is a Taurus and I'm in the month of May right now in real life and my birthday is 6 days away. Anyway I never finished the area because then I woke up.

I was hugging my crush who wasmy

I was hugging my crush who wasmy boyfriend in the dream and we were tgether however in real life he has anoter girlfriend

I was in the bandroom and my

I was in the bandroom and my crush was hugging me holding me tightly against his chest. He was my boyfriend in the dream even though he isnt in real life

In one part of the dream a

In one part of the dream a tall dark man & I were together and he was painting his motorcycle.Then in another part of the dream I was with the singing group " The Spinners" who sang for me in a house I used to live in in real life. I was in love with one of them. After the singing we rode in a large maroon colored car up a street I grew up on in real life and I saw my mother & father. My father saw me in this car and waved at me. I also saw myself using the rr in this house where I saw my Father. also at some point of the dream I saw myself fixing my hair that was full of curls.

I was having my period at school.

I was having my period at school. I have friends talking to me that I didn't know in real life. At some point I was in my science class, and my teachers dumped all my pads out of my back pack and on the table

I’m with my old best friends who

I’m with my old best friends who I don’t talk to in real life at a supermarket either pregnant or just had a baby and I meet this guy where it is love at first sight but he leaves and I’m bummed but then he comes right back in and helps me go shopping but then becomes a little too possessive or controlling and gets mad that I wondered off and went to the bathroom without telling him or going with someone so I try to sneak away