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I don't usually wear makeup, but in

I don't usually wear makeup, but in my dream I had plastered my eye in eyeliner and mascara so much that It wouldn't wipe off using make up wipes, I had to peel off the eyeliner like a rubber sticker, it was after this that I had noticed I had alot of black ink in my eye. I ran to the sink and started throwing water into my right eye, watching pure ink just drip into the sink. I looked into the mirror again and noticed I'd burst a blood vessel causing the whole top half of my eye to look a solid crimson red! I blinked in disbelief, only to look back and notice my iris has turned a horrible raw red, almost as if the colour had been sanded away... And that was it.

Had a dream where there were tall

Had a dream where there were tall rose bushes leading from my walk way to me house, but something happened to the bushes and they fell over (the roses came in all colors roses can come in). So we decided to sell them at the flea market because my mom was running a store that was selling art supplies and some of my paintings. My sister and sister in-law was selling only red roses together for a dollar each. I grabbed two big tote bag / knapsack bags to carry my roses in, I do recall two damaged roses, and one had spider webs on it. So I walked around the busy flea market trying to sell either single roses or make little bouquets with them (I had other plants in my bags too) but I was having trouble finding rubber bands to make bouquets with.