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Dreamt that I was on a cruise

Dreamt that I was on a cruise ship leaving Miami and we had to go through this river that’s zig zags through some hills and went up and down some pretty steep hills. We saw a double decker bus tip over and break in half that was on the road beside the river. It was full of ATCO workers in blue coveralls. I paid for me and Paiges ticket which included the meal plan and it was $595 each for 4 days. I stopped by the bar to pay for the tickets (I guess you don’t have to prepay), and my brother was at the bar drinking vodka and red bull. My nephews were running around playing tag (there like 20yrs old). I was going back to my room and some guy recognized me about I didn’t recognize him. He was a little person so I know I didn’t recognize him but he said we went to school together. Someone passed me a joint in the hall and I took a hit, then remembered that I get panic attacks from it. I ran to my room and tried to face time my friends and ask them to ship me my Ativan, but the wifi was not working.

My deceased wife came to me in

My deceased wife came to me in a dream, we spent the day together, I couldn't quite understand what she was saying to me, but we had a wonderful time, as she was preparing dinner for us, I told her how much I missed her, & How deeply I Love her forever, she then came running at me for a kiss and hug, as I Kissed her and hug her, she disappeared into my body... I woke up happy and sad crying.

I was on the road in the

I was on the road in the middle of a forest and i was running away from my mom and little brother because i saw them kill my dad and now they were after me. and then they just poped out of no where and was like standing there with the pistols ready to shoot me and i was screaming and they got me

In highschool classroom and hallways and often

In highschool classroom and hallways and often during the dream beginning to lose the clothes I'm wearing until fully naked and embarrassed or sometimes fully naked to start the dream..sometimes running in the hallway and it's packed with other kids..former classmates who I was never close with tend to be the ones I remember from the dream.

I was eating then I saw a

I was eating then I saw a girl and I had supoosely known her before, after we hugged we dancing together, her had to leave and I was running after her to tell her that I love her, I couldn't tell her how I that I love her and I drove away

I was a fire fighter. i had

I was a fire fighter. i had to buy a necklace and shoes to be a fire fighter. running cant find anyyhing.