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An old friend from his years showed

An old friend from his years showed up unexpectedly at airport import to visit me at the same time I was sending my daughter off on her first international trip and she didn't have enough medicine

Sitting down eating with my best friend

Sitting down eating with my best friend at a restaurant. The guy that I am in love with and obsessed with that I'm not dating I see eating at another table. I know him but at the same time I don't. The waitress we have is extremely rude and from Russia. She is also very beautiful. She is mean to me and will not give me extra food. So the same guy brings may his food over and gives it to me. We are leaving and driving getting in a car accident. We are following a McDonalds truck. When the truck driver gets out it's the man my best friend is in love with. I then drove the McDonald's truck and I crash it. Then my best friend confesses to me that her and the truck driver she is with are now in a relationship. Then the room starts to spin

My former boyfriend and i was back

My former boyfriend and i was back together but then we lost something and went looking for it in some kind of big building and a lot og stuff happend and we got accused of some shit and i dont really got what happend but then suddenly i was in the hospital later found out it was becaus i had been overdozed on pills and sleept for many days, but at the same time my ex was the one behind my hospitalstay and had caused some explotion at the big building. Then the people at the hospital tried to kill me and a lot of shit happend. Since i had been sleeping for days i also woke up and was suddenly super skinny. A lot of stuff happend at the hospital and i managed to escape. Then i was back in my town and met my ex boyfriend againat at party that my old best friend hosted. A lot of shit happend here as well, we were drunk driving around doing some kind of competition. I tried to avoid my ex since what happend erlier but he just kept coming around and suddenly we were talking and i was saying everything on my mind to him (things that i have on my mind about him when awake. we just got a little in touch again in real life as well, but he has not changed so i try to stay away.) Then suddenly we were good friends but he told me he liked me still but was banging some other girl, but it was nothing to him. Then he forced me to let him meed my parents agein (they hate him in real life). When the dream stops.

A few days ago I had a

A few days ago I had a dream where I started to cheat on my boyfriend but after making out with the guy in my dream for a little bit I quickly stood up and told him no, I couldn't do this to my boyfriend. Of course when I woke up I felt weird and a bit guilty even though it was just a dream and I have no interest in any other guy. Then last night I had a dream that I was cuddling with my boyfriend but at the same time he was (fingering) another girl. Basically, he had one arm around me but the other hand was working on her. In the dream I was upset but tried to ignore it and let him continue to do it. Now I'm shaken up and feel pretty terrible (even though it didn't really happen.) I trust my boyfriend so I don't understand where these dreams are coming from but could they have a meaning and what is it?

I was at camp life guarding two

I was at camp life guarding two different swimming pools when little kids got into the tiger cage and let them out. so we had to gather all the kids up and all got on a bus. i was then at the beach with friends we were going to throw drinks at some other friends. so i got in their jeep but another group of friends gt there first so my friend yelled at them calling them weenies but in my dream he was both in the jeep but in the other car at the same time

I was washing my hair n the

I was washing my hair n the kitchen sink. Alot of my hair was coming out but i was not bald. I would stop washing my hair every once in a while to ring out the globs of hair then proceed to wash my hair. There was a bowl of noodles n a strainer in the sink as I washed my hair. I looked down at it a couple of times thinking I shuld take it from the sink thinking that my fiance wuld grey mad that it was there while I washed my hair. She was standing next to me with a water sprayer in her hand rinsing my hair. She was also doing something else at the same time but I don't remember what it was. I do know that we wer happy. Just the nite b4 she had a dream that we died in a car accident. She really scared me. This is a same sex relationship, in cad yards relevant.

Last night I've dreamed that I was

Last night I've dreamed that I was in my grandparents house (they are dead now. they were my father's parents). it was almost night in the dream. at the moment in that house nobody lives, but in my dream I had the feeling that there are so many people... like in my childhood when I used to visit.At some point in the dream, my dead grandmother showed up. she didn't speak or look at me. she was just passed by. she was inside the house. i was looking at her. I wasn't afraid, but I was so surprised to see her again so healthy and on her feet instead of very sick with one misseing leg like she was before death. she was walking slowly, very careful but with dignity. in my dream she was looking very well and I had a feeling of admiration. after, i dont remember what happened but I was in another part of the house, staying at the door, looking outside, with a fear feeling. in front of me were wood fences . to the left a man silhouette (I couldn't see who he was...maybe my father) and to the right an animal.. I thought it was a small bear, or a dog looking as a bear). they were separated by fences. each had a door with locker. In the dream I was afraid of that open locker... I could see the big lock, full of rust..open. in the dream I was thinking that we must close that locker but at the same time I didn't move. I dont remember the rest of the dream.. but I remember changing the plan. I was back in Uk, from Romania (my grandparents house) with my actual boyfriend... trying to manage some furniture in a very tiny space...our new home in my dream. I remember also a woman. I didn;t see her. I knew she was very young and somehow connected with my boyfriend. she was kind of a menthor to him. what all these could mean?

I was living at the time when

I was living at the time when dinosaurs ruled, bit there was this door that lead to the human race I would go through the door and discover that people I know will age older while I was still young, more people discovered the door and at the same time the dinosaurs were running out of water and food so more people came and we all died

I walked out back door on my

I walked out back door on my trailor off the portrch, it was dark,then i seen a set of reflecting eyes, i thought deer at first but it stayed so i yelled at it saying i knew it was there,then more and more sets of eyes popped up,they were on a small hillside 30 feet or so from the portch,then all at the same time they steped into the portchlight and it was dead realatives and friends,they started to come torwards me,i dont kno if they ment harm or friendly, i went back into my trailor/home and another dead elder i know, i woke up on the bed,i told him what was happening,as i turned the t.v. off he got out of bed and walked to the corner of the room and started to whisper to them something i couldnt make out,then i woke up