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I was at what i think was

I was at what i think was a party.. my 'friend' who i've never really liked went home on what looked like a motorbike.. i got jealous because i'm known for having a bike.. i started to imagine what it would be like to ride her bike.. all of a sudden i am riding her bike.. to my disappointment it is only a moped ... i take it back to her house at night and park it next to an inflatable kayak.. i take the moped out for a second joy ride, this time with the kayak.. i get to a small fairytale-like lake, that is glowing and surrounded by willow trees and soft moss draped over rounded rocks.. nothing happens there but next i am on horse back with the kayak over my shoulder.. i stop by a tree at the top of a small bank.. somehow i do something wrong and the horse is dead, hanging from a rope on the tree, it's head and shoulders resting slightly on the ground. Blood starts to run down the hill... I'm not panicking at this point.. everything is calm.. i take the kayak and the moped back to the girls house and then go back to the horse.. all i can think is hat i'm going to be found out.. someone is going to see the horse... At the bottom of the bank there are some small houses, one of which i remember from another dream.. it was my boyfriends aunts house in my dream and i had stayed there previously... at the back of the houses were areas that were filled with water (there has been a lot of flooding near me lately) the water starts to turn an orangey red-ish colour and i realise it must be the horses blood tainting the water.. now i hear voices shouting and screaming about the hanged horse on the hill... i just remember feeling scared and guilty.. but not panicked..then i woke up..... This dream has been bothering me for two days and i still remember how everything felt so vividly..

I was getting pulled by a speed

I was getting pulled by a speed boat at night.. I was on floating plastic disc with my daughter, sister , and brother. The speed boat capsizes and we all fall off the floating tube. I look to see if my sister was ok, she was, looked to see if my brother was ok , he was. looked for my daughter and couldn't see her. I screamed 'where is Rebecca'. I finally feel something at my feet. I pull it up and its is my unconcious daughter. I put her on the tube but couldnt get her on properly. I should at my brother, help me! He just looks at me at shrugs his shoulders. I look at my sister and do the same, she acts like she doesnt know what to do.

So i was at beach with a

So i was at beach with a few friends girls and guys. It was warm so we would play in the water and the shore of the beach. So later on me and this guy who was pretty cute but i don't remember where ive meet him before, we walk out to the ocean. I put my phone in my pocket cuz we were just going knee high on the water. He grabs my hand and was like hurry he started runnung and he dragged me. The water hit my feet then ankles, hip, waist, chest, shoulders, to neck, we couldn't reach the bottom now and we were still holding hands. I was trying to stop from my phone getting wet. But it stopped and got wet. Once I said omg you got my phone wet to him. He stopped swimming so we were just sitting there in the ocean still holding hands. He jerk my hand to pull me into him, and he was hugging me. that is was it, i woke up coughing, i have the flu. I wanted to know what did it mean if it meant anything

Okay so in my dream, i was

Okay so in my dream, i was driving somewhere with my family and then we stopped at a hotel (i think) and this obviously had powerful meanings to me as my family were all looking at me and i felt upset and tearful. Despite this i found myself inside walking down the corridor by myself when i passed a woman who i seemed to recognize and she stopped and came back to me and turned around a picture in her hand that showed a picture of a baby, which made me exclaim and then start to cry. When i looked up she held a baby/toddler who was i think about one and a half, the baby was a girl who had a small amount of very ginger hair on her head and really big blue eyes (like myself.) i was bawling my eyes out and this baby was staring at me with her amazing eyes. I knew that she was my daughter and that i had given birth to her when i was too young to take care of her and that's why she was with this woman. The woman then had no baby but beckoned me down the corridor and through some double doors into a big hall with a stage at the front the woman wasn't in front of me anymore but a small girl who had long red hair down to her waist which was tucked into her jacket and peaked out at the bottom, when i asked her to take it out she did, although i don't remember her voice or her face. i followed her up to the front where two teenagers were standing on the stage watching me, the girl had red hair which was a little way past her shoulders and the boy had black hair which was curly on top but less at the sides, they smiled at me and i was crying again, i knew that they were my children, and the boy looked about 14 and the girl about 13. I asked them how old they were and the boy said "we're teenagers now" and then the hall was filled with people and my daughter shouted out to them something about how i was always going to be their mother and that she loved me so much. I was still crying and my family were there too and my children kept smiling at me like they were so happy to see me.