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I was in my bathroom and had

I was in my bathroom and had just gotten out of the shower. I was wrapped in a towel and my hisband and 2 boys were in the room with me. My husband said, "oh no! You are bledding." I looked in the mirror and said, "it's ok, it is just a red thread." I then wiped the thread off my cheeck and threw it away. Next, I flashed to the scene of a huge tragedy, maybe a plane crash or an earthquake. I could see my husband and children as well as my mom and sister among the huge crowd. My mom approached me and said, "where is the red thread?" I said, " I don't know. I threw it away. I didn't know it was important." She replies," that was the thread that held everything together. Now, what will we do?" I looked around at all of the faces, feeling helpless and then the dream ended.

I saw that I was walking in

I saw that I was walking in the street, at one time was big on other time through neighborhoods, and I was holding a sheet, I was trying to go to my sisters house but I was lost, taxis where passing but none stopped, I stopped in a mini market for information and the women gave me an unlimited card phone with 1000 credits, after I had a fight with 2 guys which I hit them pretty bad, but I did not cause it. After I saw that I was back in the Army, but the difference is that we were men and women together, not sleep together, I wake up and I try to go to the shower but they were full. and I had to make a shower. I manage to have a shower find my uniform and after I saw water and orange juice to be thown down an a women was laughing in my arms. After I was outside the barrier's at the camps back yard and I was kissing with Maddona (the singer} but she was wearing white, and she had short white/ blond hair. someone saw us and I start run to the camps croft's

me and my friend were at this

me and my friend were at this random place showering, she was in the shower with her boyfriend. as i showered, i noticed there was a large group of people who could see me from the wall behind me, and i immediately felt uncomfortable. then my friend and i were walking down the street by the ocean, until we saw my other friend. as we approached closer to him, we noticed his car being towed, but he never told us why. i began to walk further down the street by myself until i thought i was standing in front of my ex boyfriends house. seconds later, a group of boys walked past, which i ignored. i heard a sniff, and then i looked down at my phone, and i had a text from my ex boyfriend saying, "you cant say hi?" i said, "wait," and the group of boys turned around. my ex boyfriend saw me and was talking to me until he pulled me into a hug and seemed as if he was about to kiss me. in that moment, a different car pulled up, and we all got in. i sat in the back seat and he sat in the passenger. we sang along to a song about getting back together together.

i am in a hallway, talking to

i am in a hallway, talking to a gay room mate, i make some joke at my expense, they ask me if i want to see their "man butt" then invite me into their room as they are decorating / interior design, they hang a long fabric of netting around the bedroom light and explain that it represents the people who died in the house, also gay, killed by the KKK while in the shower, the way the fabric cascades down and the lie shine thru looks a lot like water. i think to myself: try not to anger any of the spirits that live here. he then begins tying a golden sequined ribbon around the fabric and singing "revolutionary ribbon"

I was with a few friends staying

I was with a few friends staying at a hotel but we were outside somewhere and I headed back to our room to shower. When I got there, there was a guy in the room I did not recognize but I ignored him and quickly got into the bathroom. This guy noticed when I went came back to grab something and feeling alarmed, I quickly went into the bathroom and locked it. Immediately afterwards, the door opened to see the guy trying to get into the bathroom and feeling scared and panic, I tried to lock the door again to find that it was broken and the guy kept on trying to get in and this push and pull happened three times. I was feeling really scared and just then, a Friend A came into the room and stared down at the guy who randomly happened to get into our room. I don't quite remember what happened with the guy afterwards but I hugged my friend while I was crying, and relieved that she was there. Then I was me crying to Friend B in the hotel room with a few other people and she consoled me. Friend C was there comforting me next and then afterwards, I was talking to someone about something when I heard Friend D's voice in the other room and I jumped from where I was and went over to him. I then embraced him while I was crying again and when I looked at him, he looked like he was about to cry as well. He said something that made me laugh but I totally forgot it after I woke up. All of the friends are my friends in the waking life.

There was a murderer on the loose

There was a murderer on the loose who had a bald round head and showed a very big smile before he killed you. He shot people in the middle of the forehead and didn't kill everyone in the family. At one point we were on a bus and the bus started to sink so we sunk down to an underwater school so they could help us and once they opened up the back door of the bus I was at home in my parents room. My dad was in the shower and my mom was sleeping in my room. The night before the killer was at my neighbors house and only killed the middle child whose name was grace. Then I heard a noise and got paranoid but figured it was my cat. When it got louder I knew it was him and I ran into my room to wake up my mom. She got up and refused to help me hold the door shut. She kept saying she didn't care that he was there. He tried to open the door and I couldn't hold it shut any longer by myself. He finally wedged his way in turned behind the door to me. I grabbed the nozzle and bent it but he still shot me in the leg. Then he turned the gun around so it would shoot me right in the forehead. He looked at me smiled ear to ear and shot me.