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So my girlfriend wrote in her dream

So my girlfriend wrote in her dream journal about a boy in her class confessing his love for her and saying he didnt want to be with his girlfriend but wanted to be with her. He had taken her to an old cavern with a view before doing this. Someone significant in their class as it's their good friend had then come in to see what was going on and my girlfriend had taken the hand of this boy and run away. Then later they were in class standing next to each other when her messages came on the screen and showed he had confessed his love to, displaying to all their class members.....what does this or could this mean (the less caveats the better)

I dreamt last night that I was

I dreamt last night that I was at the old house I lived at with my mother and sister but I was with my very close friend laying on the bed and we were eating something but I can't recall what it was,then the dreams skips to me and another close friend of mine fighting each other with knives but we didn't hurt each other with the knives,rather he managed to scratch me with his nails and I remember trying to sooth the scratches with a cloth.In he same dream I attended a weird gathering but in this gathering I was disguising myself because it was hosted by someone that did me wrong and I couldn't afford them seeing me there,I had a whole different name also but everyone else knew who I really was except the hostess,in the end the hostess finds out who Iam and I managed to excape the venue but ran like a monkey rather,with both my legs and hands,later me and the hostess had to sign an agreement,like a divorce,to stay out of each other's lives.I honestly don't know what this confusing dream means

Yesterday, I woke up with a strong

Yesterday, I woke up with a strong longing to see someone. I decided to take a nap, and during that nap, I had a dream with a serene white background, filled with bright light. In the dream, I saw his name written, and I heard a voice calling out his name. I even read his name out loud in the dream. It was quite surreal. Then, just a few minutes after I woke up from that dream, I received a call from him, and he told me he was on his way to see me in just two minutes.