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I'm in a farm house, where I

I'm in a farm house, where I know I Live. My mother is there as she looked forty years ago. I go out for a walk and walk across a path surrounded by rough grass and find a cooked chicken obviously partially eaten by a wild animal. I remember that I didn't put the chicken and other foods away in the cupboard in the outhouse and go back to tell my mother what has happened. She sends me to the shops to buy another, but aI buy a brown feather stuffed cushion instead. When the guests and other members of the family arrive for the invited meal there is a large buffet of food on the table including the remains of the chicken. which I slice off a piece and eat. My mother looks at my questioningly and I shrug and laugh. later I tell people about my mistaking a pillow for a chcken.

My family and I are in a

My family and I are in a car where we get stuck in mud surrounded by alligators. We climb to the top of the car to stay away from the alligators, but eventually everyone is eaten by the alligators.

I was surrounded by a swarm of

I was surrounded by a swarm of flying mosquitos and blood everywhere. One stung me hard. I killed one with a textbook.

I am in the woods with a

I am in the woods with a friend and we are surrounded by group of wolves. My friend is just standing there and doing nothing but not scared or worried, just standing there. The group of wolves leave and one stays. I then take a spear and kill the one solve left.

I had a dream that it was

I had a dream that it was dark outside and i'm on a school bus on a country road surrounded by corn fields on all sides. there are two people on the bus but they only look like shadows so i never see their faces. the lights on the bus were flickering and i remember looking out one of the windows and there is a black moth on the outside of the window. i notice a woman outside the bus wearing a long black dress walking towards the bus, i feel scared but i'm not sure why, she gets closer to the bus but i still don't see her face. Then she starts running towards the bus, but i always wake up before she gets too close. this is a re-occuring dream.