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A few days ago I had a

A few days ago I had a dream where I started to cheat on my boyfriend but after making out with the guy in my dream for a little bit I quickly stood up and told him no, I couldn't do this to my boyfriend. Of course when I woke up I felt weird and a bit guilty even though it was just a dream and I have no interest in any other guy. Then last night I had a dream that I was cuddling with my boyfriend but at the same time he was (fingering) another girl. Basically, he had one arm around me but the other hand was working on her. In the dream I was upset but tried to ignore it and let him continue to do it. Now I'm shaken up and feel pretty terrible (even though it didn't really happen.) I trust my boyfriend so I don't understand where these dreams are coming from but could they have a meaning and what is it?

There were three lethal brothers, seen to

There were three lethal brothers, seen to be wearing all dark suit and tie. They had an ill mother whom they loved, but had abandoned her except for the first brother, whom have always cherished and appreciated her. It was on a dark rainy night when I first saw them, the car they're in almost ran into me. One day, I came to visit her mother and she seemed to me as a loved one for no apparent reason. When she fell terribly ill, almost, collapsing to the ground, I got her quickly. When she fell as we clasp, all I hear and feel is spiking fear. The dream felt too real to be true. It was a series of dreams that I wouldn't stop dreaming so long as I'm asleep. It continues and continues.

My mom and me where at a

My mom and me where at a store and she wanted something but it was too expensive. then a man comes up to us and steals it for us prompting my mother to talk to him and they end up dating. He was a nice man and he ended up moving in with us with his daughter. But things changed when him and my mom started fighting. They would scream and yell at each other even getting into physical fights. Every time I would step in to help slapping him and hitting him. I also intervened when he would hit my brothers and his daughter. He was terrible to my mother but everytime I stood up for her she would take his side. Then one day we had a party many people were invited even my favorite band. But the man threatened to kill everyone if they didn't go and hide. He shot a bullet in the air and everyone dispersed. Once he found somone he would shoot them and impale them displaying them outside for all to see. He did this for hours. I decided to see if my favorite band had been killed so I go outside to look. There was many impaled bodies outside but none of them my favorite band. I go back inside and tell my mother that they were no where to be found. But she insisted that they were dead. I even told her that I looked both inside the house and outside but still no sign. However she still insisted that they must be dead. And then I woke up