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I had a dream that my school

I had a dream that my school was in a hotel where there was a gift shop near a movie theater. My mom was also there. I was watching a movie that looked like it belonged to the Simpsons.

Last night I had a dream that

Last night I had a dream that I was in a room like a theater auditorium with other people, I know I knew them but don't know who they are. We are all supposed to be sleeping on the floor. There are white tarps/blankets everywhere. I look up to see large brown and black striped spiders coming down from the ceiling. I'm trying to alert everyone but no one hears me. I begin to try and swat the spiders away but they just sway in the air, still coming down. So realistic!

Hi I had this dream, if anyone

Hi I had this dream, if anyone can help me piece it together that would be great. I thought it was pretty interesting but I don't know if it is good or bad. So I was at my old University and I went to go see a play by Aeschylus, the Greek tragedian. There wa this huge amphitheater on my campus like the real Greek ruins in Greece (not really a part of my school's campus). I was with a friend, a very brainy now-PhD candidate and we were heading towards our seats but she said no, your ticket is BBB you sit over there. So I take my ticket in seat BBB and go to try to find my seat. I look everywhere and can't find it. Meanwhile I see that my friend is in the front row. I look all over to the point where I accidentally walk across stage. I realize my blunder and sheepishly walk off, some of the actors back stage were laughing at me. So I slink into this empty seat in section "I" seat "17". It's a little higher than the other seats but I think, oh this suits me. So I sit but I realize that I can hardly see the play when it starts, If anyone has any guesses as to what it means I'd appreciate the help. I just thought it was so weird that I remembered the numbers so clearly.

I dream about my friend and I

I dream about my friend and I living in a mansion together and married. We have no kids or pets. We are wealthy, successful, happy. My mansion has an elevator, swimming pools, game tables, great views, theater, and outdoor activity. We like to party. He a very sexy man who will always be there for me no matter what. He doesn't care how stupid I am. He is heroic and sensitive. He is a people person. He and I laugh at the same things. I dream about us going on dates together and nothing goes wrong. He is happy to see me and I am happy to see him. He doesn't want to be separated from me no matter how annoying. He likes to touch me especially on my face. He loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is.

I was in a theater with people

I was in a theater with people I don't like. The boy I had a crush on showed up, and he chased me around the theater. i was wearing a short skirt. I asked him something that I can't remember and then I woke up.

It started with me working at the

It started with me working at the mall and getting attacked by a very random person then this other guy ran up and saved me. Then it jumped to a n old lake house next to an amphitheater and an old western town. The rest was just me and this guy that I have never seen before getting to know each other, but I have never seen anybody that looked like him before.

A man in my life now was

A man in my life now was in my dream and we were at a movie theater and I fell asleep on him then when I woke up in the dream we were in a bedroom and then he performed oral sex on me

There was a race. it had thousands

There was a race. it had thousands of participants, each had a number. i was red 116. there were about 7 top guys/gals who were heavily favored by the people running the race. this also all took place in several schools, but parts of it were on a dirt road and in a corn field on a hill. i started off far behind, but me and some friends tried cutting thru the cornfield to take a shortcut. they got caught, but i felt bad about cheating, and waited for a few mins and didn't get caught. i explained to my old friends from grade school who were in the race why i cheated and how i felt like shit about it, and they told me it was ok. i then started using my superpowers, the ability to run and jump like it was in the matrix. i then spent like 20 mins (or that's what it felt like) running thru the school, jumping over hundreds of students, eventually making it to the finishing point ahead of most people. the finishing point was the gym, where we had to earn final points for the competition by singing Disney songs. i placed 6th out of everybody and ahead of some of the favorites, but during the paperwork portion some prick cut in front of me, so i got credit for 7th. turns out all of the Favorited people were theater kids, they could all sing great. i was stuck figuring out what song i would sing/be able to sing, as i am incredibly mediocre at singing. i had to sing well so i could get a place in the top 10 results (which would be hard, as i got cheated to 7th place in the race portion). i was not sure if i wanted to sing Hercules or the little mermaid. then i woke up.

Went to my boyfriend's house in Philadelphia,

Went to my boyfriend's house in Philadelphia, PA. for a party with all of his friends. There was a lot of synchronized dancing and everyone was having a great time except for me. I didn't even get a chance to talk to him. He finally came and asked how I have been doing because he knows I've "been having some issues" which made me angry and we still didn't even really get to talk about anything. Some of his friends were feeding one of their dogs alcohol which I thought was stupid. His friends were dancing a lot more and the dog became really sick. I investigated the dog and I yelled at the friends for being so careless. I started to take care of the dog and noticed it needed water. I became scared when I lost the dog under the table but found him again. The dog's tongue then fell out of it's mouth. I grabbed the dog's tongue and tried to put it back into its mouth but the dog became very sick and pale. The dog died right in front of me and it's head fell off. One of the friends took me outside and I began to cry uncontrollably. I went to talk to my boyfriend again but we were distracted by an audition that was happening inside his house. We went into another room upstairs and were interrupted again because someone was asking us for money. Then I was in a movie theater asking for popcorn and talked to my coworker who informed me that she used to work at AMC movie theaters. Next I was on a bus on my way to a club and some girls were telling me that I should drink the red bull that was left over from spring formal because we were somehow still in college. I became angry and wanted to argue with them but I did not.