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For some reason I was murdering someone

For some reason I was murdering someone Not really like murder, but like an assassination And it went bad Bunch of police, running into the woods And I jump into a concrete ditch See a bunch of cars flying past me going fast for some reason Then see a tidal wave coming that direction Find a way to barricade myself into a room, with like minimal supplies Fast forward three months Water level has decreased but there were creatures from the mist all around us Kinda They were freakier though Rush into the sewers We had a sort of commune thing going But we heard scuttling from outside the stone walls And sure enough, bug like creatures coming for us Go outside, world is absolutely destroyed No trees Nothing All washed away. A bunch of people died.

i was standing above hills, water was

i was standing above hills, water was rushing over them like a tidal wave, i could see as it came over each hill getting closer to me, it was moving fast.... then it felt as if i were in a glass house as i was enclosed behind doors but could see outside in all directions around me.... the water kept coming towards me bursting through the double doors, rushing around, and pass me, bursting out through the front doors..... some drained back in to fill the room with about a foot of water but we were standing on a low platform above the water..... what could this mean????

i was with a girl whom i

i was with a girl whom i have liked for a long time at a shop waiting for her to get some tickets,her family was waiting for her in a car outside.after she got her tickets she kissed me on the lips,for the first time,smiled and left.after she left i was really happy and decided to take a run.while running,sometimes in slow motion,i was robbed by two black kids whome i followed to their home and proceeded to negotiate a price of 25 dollars for the items they took from me.one of the kids brother had to force him to give me the money and before i left with the money he said "we shouldnt have let him inside". when i walked out the house the place was dark and an apparent flood was taking place i tried to go home my regular way but was blocked by road construction and water so i tried another way which turned out to be a dead end and someones home with a swimming pool , people was waiting for a tidal wave from the flood to dive into the pool. this seemed fun for them although the water brought frogs with it .i left there determined to go my regular route when i met one of my friends who was trying to show me a truck under ther sidewalk which had been there since the "last" flood to which i started to tell him about the news was saying the whole world was extremely saturated and cannot hold any water again hence every time it rains it floods.he asked me if i got flood by me to which i replied i"idont know i didnt even reach home yet when i reach home my girl will kill me" at this point i woke up it wasnt sudden or anything but i kept thinking about all these events in my dream