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I was in my house looking out

I was in my house looking out the back door. There was an amazing sight. I ran and grabbed my phone to take a picture but it couldn't take a wide enough picture. So I recorded a video instead. There was a gathering storm to the west. And suddenly a couple of my right neighbor's trees caught on fire. It looked like the fire would spread to the garage. I called 911. An immigrant I couldn't understand answered. I couldn't understand what he said so I just told him to send a firetruck to my place. I hung up and yelled GODDAMN IMPORTS. Then the rain arrived and it was super weird. It rained everywhere except our house. There was a clear barrier of rain. The tip of a pine tree next to the house didn't receive rain so there was a clear oval demarcation where the tree didn't receive rain. Then suddenly there was this sort of stable moving slowly toward the house. Like the ground was moving. My mom set fire to part of the garage before that. Arson

I was having problems in my flat

I was having problems in my flat with leaks, so my friend came to help me move stuff. he came in a old van with red seats. he brought his daughter and his new girlfriend and her 3 sons. his girlfriend and three sons all had scarred faces as if they had been in a fire or something. her sons were very naughty and when I turned round one of them was hitting my son so I told him to stop. the mother asked what was wrong I said I told your son to stop hitting mine because its not fair as my son has been taught not to hit younger children. the next thing we were having a massive party, and I owned this big white abandoned hotel, it was white inside and out and empty there were leaks of clean water and the lower half of the hotel felt creepy so I went outside and right a the end of the property I found 3 cows with humps on their backs looking very unhealthy they were kept in a concreted area with a tiny patch of green grass and I thought to myself I must come rescue them but first I must get back to the party. everyone was having a great time and the kids were still being very naughty.

I was walking into my backyard when

I was walking into my backyard when there I saw a boy standing behind a tree that I had never seen before. I was only 12 years old at the time and I was very confused and asked what he was doing there, and he said he was declaring his love for me and that we would be together forever. I told him that that was great, but that I had no idea who he was or how he knew me. He said he knew about me through a friend that as his friend described me that he would love me till the end of time, so I went with it and as young 12 “love birds” we walked around the block and held hands for 3 hours.

Driving in a car with my deceased

Driving in a car with my deceased grandpa and we couldn’t make the turn but drove off the road and over a cliff in the mountains. I looked at him and told him it’s ok grandpa, there was nothing he could have done. I awoke before we crashed.

I dream I was cooking for a

I dream I was cooking for a group of people ( like a family gathering) in the country but there was no fire so I went to my grandfather house(my mother father) and there was fire to cook I notice there was no soup in the pot so I add more water just as the food about to cook my aunt give me some chicken noodle to put in the soul. Went back to check the pot and the bottom of the pot fell out put the food was still in the pot so I fixture the pot nod continue to cook. I then realised the bottom fell out again. My grandfather said to me you should have change the pot in the first place. I then pour the food in a bother pot to take to the rest of the family. My other grandfather ( my father dad who look like my father not sure if it was my father or is dad was there and I told him to come with me because my grand children are there and he haven't seen them before and I will take him back as he is trading in the morning. I was very disappointed about the soup but I think the group old still eat the food. But I though I couldn't have given the food to my grandchildren as I was not good enough and I awoke from the dream. ( my grandfathering my father side died 25.years age and my other grandfather died about 22 years ago)

I was at home and laying on

I was at home and laying on the floor rapped in a blanket and my dead fiancé came home from work and changed clothes I told him that there was a women and a young child sitting on the couch he said he had some shorts on and than he came by me and I gave him a hug I said to him I though he lost weight because when I was hugging him I was able to rap my arms around him he said he was losing weight and smiled than we started talking about selling the house we were in.

I had a dream about me going

I had a dream about me going to a store and i got shot by someone then i went to the check out lane and my friend is there too and i thought he was dead but he wasnt so i got sad and started crying and he gave me a hug and i told him about how i felt for him and he cried and then just dissapeared out of my dream

My friend and I went camping the

My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a very bad experience, as he wouldn't let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random things and whined about his anxiety. I totally told him to read more and deal with it.

I dreamed that I was in rittas(exs

I dreamed that I was in rittas(exs grandma) house.  I was in a chair facing away from the table and jesse(ex) was facing me.  He flinched toward me.  I told him to watch it because he almost hit me in the face.  He gave me a look like maybe that is what he was trying to do.  Then said would so would that be so bad? I started shuffling cards and he said that's a good idea.  So we started playing 5 card draw with another friend of his.  He said something along the lines of he had a pair of kings.  I tossed my cards down and he said I guess I win with a pair of high kings.  I hesitated and picked up my cards again and said oh wait but it doesn't beat 3 kings (2 kings and a joker).  That's when I woke up.

I had a dream of this guy

I had a dream of this guy ive been talking to for months but I'm not sure where we stand I had a dream about him he was kissing me and it seemed like he wanted to go further then that but I told him that that's all I think he wants and I know where I stand with him so I left but he started chasing me what could this mean