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A little backstory since I think it's

A little backstory since I think it's relevant to a recent dream. The past couple of years I've been doing a lot of traveling and figuring out what I want, and what I don't, want to do with and have in my life. I've learned a lot and have been having a mostly awesome time (hardships always come and go) but currently finally at peace and calm with whatever happens, probably the most at ease with anything I've ever been. About two years ago I broke up with a girlfriend and it wasn't pretty. Recently, we finally had contact and while not necessarily patching things up, I cleared the air with full disclosure so internally I feel good about that now. So that's me currently but the dream deals with someone from the past. It was seven years ago and I had a childlike crush on a girl, I was 17. Probably as close to perfect as one could be but while I got to know her and became friends she ended up getting into a relationship with a guy who took her down a dark road for a few years. I was young and the crush passed like they all do and I never really had bad luck with girls so It worked out. I saw her a couple times years back but it was just small talk and not much else. So while it's been 4-5 years since I've seen or talked to her, last night I had a dream about her. I was at her parents house and we were close, kissing, and happy. I think I had just come back from another trip to a random country. She said she had letters for me and I had to read them and then decide what I wanted to do and find her and her mother and let them know my decision. I read the letters. They were dated over the years but they were never sent to me. She had kept them. They said that she loved me and wanted to be with me. As I read them the dream became almost lucid. I felt a sense of acceptance and salvation as I knew how she felt, after everything I had been through, experienced, and done, she had wanted me, and had told her whole family such, and it was a pretty amazing sensation. That's pretty much the dream. One of my favorite ones and the only one I can remember in quite a long time. Thoughts?

We, Brian and I, were like in

We, Brian and I, were like in a downtown area of a town or city. We met up kind of like on a date. We were at a restaurant eating some Asian food or something, I remember him getting seafood or something. Anyway, somehow we got separated at the restaurant by other people. They started sitting between us and we just got separated. First just at the restaurant and then completely in the area. There was then something about a bus and me traveling with these people to some place. But later in the dream (when I don’t know) he and I met back up and he took me by the hand and walked with me, holding my hand the whole time so we would not get separated or lose each other again. He hugged me and he whispered, “I love you” in my ear. I don’t remember in the dream if I had a chance right then to say it back immediately to him, or if I just looked at him and said it back to him a little later. I might have looked at him in disbelief and not said it yet. I really am blurry on that part. But I do know I did say it back to him soon after, telling him “I love you, too.” I was very happy he told me that and we seemed happy together. He was happy I said it too to him. There was also something about school. I was all happy that we finally got to attend school together in the same place…almost like senior year in high school or something, but I was missing my last several classes of the day and I wanted to know if we had any classes together, me and him. I was just happy we got to go the same school finally as we hadn’t before and I was so happy to be with him more often. Then there was also something in the dream like I was over at his mom’s house and I finally got to meet her. And she liked me. And I had a bunch of my spiritual stuff with me (wands, cards, crystals, etc.) all kind of laid out and they seem interested in it. And there was something about beautiful boxes somewhere (like back at a mall or something) and we, me and whomever I was with, got to pick out one box or gift bag and there were special surprises in these boxes. I picked a pretty one that looked like a similar floral pattern I thought I had in another box at home. The box I picked was a taller square box that had a purplish floral pattern on it. I awoke before I opened the box to see what my surprise was. It seemed like something of value though.

A clothing store with extravagant clothing. there

A clothing store with extravagant clothing. there with an old acquaintance, who's fashion i've always admired. she finds a nice pleated beige skirt, one of which ive longed for- and swore she already had one like it, and claims it will be suitable for traveling, i am a bit jealous. i continue up the stairs, deviating from the rest of the group, the establishment much like i a funhouse, a green staircase, red, burgundy... i find my acquaintance once more, shopping around, and i curiously follow, she whips out a hair dryer in which looks like a gun, i am amazed and suddenly find myself on the couch, making out with and touching get intimately, she puts the hair dyer fun in my mouth and the hot air burns and chaps my lips, she exclaims something about dirt, and suddenly i realize that behind a door at a large group of paparazzi, who have been unbeknownst to be filming our steamy rendezvous, we both quickly recoil and sprint away abashedly, guiltily.. as they scream we're LIVE!! this is LIVE footage!! i cringe with disgust, hoping this won't be plastered all over the internet in the next coming hours.. i travel back down the stairs to find a midway red staircase, which is disjointed from the rest of the stairs, as if it appeared magically.

Slept with the boss and sister at

Slept with the boss and sister at the same time. Dog was missing. Dog came back. The runt was projected to die due to genetic disease. While traveling with my sister and the boss we would take things from other people. The other people were not mad but gave us the their things with no problem.

I'm traveling alone and visiting a family

I'm traveling alone and visiting a family I do not know. They seem familiar with me and happy to see me. I explore outside of their home where is it raining hard. A bridge I have to cross collapses but I step back in time, caught by a tall British Guard. He removes his tall hat and seems to have been expecting me, smiles and I know that he loves me.

I've had many dreams with my ex

I've had many dreams with my ex boyfriend there. Sometimes other guys. I'm traveling in my truck. My pets always at my side.

Bucket list tip: During summer, the crowds

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