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I was going to school in my

I was going to school in my cousin's car as usual, when I came in there were strangers in the car including my cousins. I asked "why are you guys here anyways". A man answered my question "it's an activity from your school". I looked around and saw children there too. I said "ok". I kept talking and didn't notice the strangers were getting annoyed. We got to school and when I was about to get my bag at the trunk it shut close. I ran after the car yelling " my bag, I didn't get to get it!". The car kept going but the door opened. The men were there saying "let's just kidnap her". I got in the car and they held me there,captive. That's when I noticed and thought to myself "this is my old dream, I was drowned in this dream". Instead of waking myself up I tried to finish my dream and not get drowned this time. I remembered when a group of teachers would pass by and they did, in my old dream I didn't do anything but now I was slamming my fist at the windows trying to tell them what was happening. First they recognized me as a student in the school and waved hi but then they realized what was actually happening. Their normal teeth turned into fangs, I knew they were gonna help me but still I was frightened. They came closer and I got a perfect view of the mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and thats when I woke up, my body felt normal, I didn't feel scared just my normal me as usual.

I was in a room with additional

I was in a room with additional rooms, but roofless and open air. Suddenly sister shows up..soething is wrong with her, but I avoid her. Then myboyfriend becomes all of my. Boyfriends from the past. I end up with my last one, although he looked diffirent, i know its him. We do everyting together. He joins me on my journey...i start looking at my breasts to have surgery. Then i start walkig a high, tighrope and photograph the clouds. Ifeel fine til isee my ex talking to a girl...young, sitting in a corner and ifall back and grasp a standing tree trunk as itseems he is walking out the door with him

I walked onto a deck of a

I walked onto a deck of a boat, most likely during summer. The bright blue, cloudless skies were what I noticed. My crush for the longest time was there and he walked up a hugged me. We dont talk that much anymore so it was weird. He was wearing his swim trunks and had no shirt. He would not stop hugging me. He then locked his fingers into mine and held my hand as we were still hugging. We talked like nothing had happened between us but I couldnt make out any of the words. Then I woke up.

Me and my boyfriend go to this

Me and my boyfriend go to this house to meet the people we will be woerking with and there's a woman outside in a garden. Me and my boyfriend are in the car with these two people, a spanish male and female i have never met. The two males are in the front and we are in the back. I try to conversate with the female but she acts as if she doesn't speak english. My boyfriend has to get out of the car to get something out of the trunk. He can't find it so she goes to help him. After a minute or so they return. We are riding in the car and she out of the blue starts speaking english. Me and him end up in a house i've never been in and I pick up his phone to take a picture and see he has pictures of this woman's vagina in his phone from that day from when they were behind the car in the trunk. I also see he has a video of her bending over as we were walking up to the house earlier that morning. I ask him why and he tells me its been going on and he wants to end our relationship but before he does he wants me to sign a paper stating that me and him were never together. I fight him. I hit him in the face as hard as I can numerous times and cry my eyes out.