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I dreamt that I was in Hawaii

I dreamt that I was in Hawaii with a group of co-workers. I was at a cliff side resort and overlooking a calm deep blue ocean. In the next scene I'm attempting to figure out a magical way to stay at the location. Finally I'm flying over the ocean and taking in the cliff side scenery by unknown means. I wanna say I was in a helicopter but I did not see one in my dream. Have never dreamt like this before.

Well, it wasn't much of a dream

Well, it wasn't much of a dream as it was...something dream related. I can't remember my dream but I was sleeping in a cottage in Lakefield for summer vacation, I woke up the next day and the first words that I heard echoing in my head were, Demon Lord Ghirahim. I never really thought much about him nor did I care much about him, like at all. But an unknown curiously came over me which soon progressed to love, even thought he was a fictional character, I loved him no matter what others told me. I've changed and progressed more like his character both physically and mentally :Narcissistic and psychotic. My life has been strange ever since. I've had dreams were he's swept me off my feet, kidnapped me and taken me to his castle, despite his evil persona. Other times it's been a case of Paralysis dreaming. I've also been having dreams about that cabin where I first found myself loving him. I figure I might have had a dream that night that could have inspired this influence, that I cherish ever day. There is A LOT to this but these are the basics, sorry for this monologue, but I really want to know about my superstitious relationship...

In dream I found myself in an

In dream I found myself in an unknown house with furnishings that looked like 1970's era. There was an unknown woman there who was searching for something and also seemed upset or troubled. I talked to her discovering that she was spiritually lost but open to finding God. She could not believe God could save her. I witnessed to her and She seemed nearly ready to accept Christ but she left abruptly. I was sad she refused to accept Christ. In a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Excitedly Thinking she had returned to accept the Lord, I opened the door. I was punched in the stomach by a blonde hair man wearing an army jacket and with a gun who pushed his way inside. I felt betrayed because the woman was with the man, tricking me to allow the man in. He forced his way in and demanded only an amount of cash I had which seemed to be $460. Then he left. I went to a neighbor in front of house warning there was a robber in the area and asking if he had seen him. The neighbor was cleaning out his garage onto his driveway. The neighbor did not give information though I seemed suspicious of him and he seemed to resemble the robber but did not quite seem to be him. I woke up.

My best friend and recent lover leaves

My best friend and recent lover leaves early for work. my ex dumps rubbish and furniture on my drive whilst I'm asleep. an unknown man with keys to my house lets himself in to clear up the mess. I go back to bed and wake up to find my best friend/recent lover in bed with me

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm alone I can't find my way home so I ask for help and someone helps me saying we gotta go through different areas the first area is a park I'm familiar with and there's some lads messing about on motorbikes but 1 lad has a blue racing bicycle which I comment 'nice bike's then we cross a road and pass some lads in their cars 'boy racers' but I'm told keep head down and mouth shut so I do then come to dead end and have to go through a house but when I go in house I have to empty my pockets then I'm leaving house going down some stairs and a girl is putting my stuff on each step in front of me so I put items back in my pockets then my "guide" takes me to train station and cross the tracks to opposite platform where I get on train that takes me through crazy long tunnel and then turns around and goes back through tunnel and then I woke up