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Had to pee at work. I left

Had to pee at work. I left work for privacy and first went to urinate in the private bathroom which wound up being located under my grandmother stairs. Then I was urinating in an underground toilet at a grocery store. Everyone could see me trying to pee, but not my private parts. However I couldn't pee. I could only pee when I had my pants on. So I put my pants back on and peed in my pants. My brother then met me and took me home to change my clothes. At home a secret meeting of dangerous people was taking place. I quickly got changed and started spying on them. I was almost caught looking in one of their bedrooms. I was once again in my grandmother's house. But then I popped into the bathroom and came out, acting as if I had been in the bathroom the whole time. A part started downstairs and I got dressed. I came to the rescue of a friend and sent her home. Meanwhile I tried charming one of the coherts but was unsuccessful.