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O every night i have this dream

O every night i have this dream ! its annoying and creepy . so it is darkness all black than it turns like this : its blue like in night , there is a little windy , snowy and there are Dead buildings like broken building .. there lives nobody except that '' creature '' she calls herself a grim reaper like soul taker . she has long silver hair like albino , red lips and red/blue/green eyes . u know she changes them each time its very creepy like u know in film where vampires/demons have this kind of eyes : so every night she is like taking her sword kind of thing and she is like : look at this , HA ! and rips ppl-s souls and she calls herself hell sender . you know its VERY CREEPY ! LIKE EVERY NIGHT !

In my dream, I'm tha queen of

In my dream, I'm tha queen of vampires. All the people are all dead on the street. Vampires praise me and call me their queen.

I dreamt my wife was being attacked

I dreamt my wife was being attacked and taken by vampires with helmets on and that I tied to fight and save her but I couldnt they took her away

In it a mom and two kids

In it a mom and two kids are being chased by someone that i dont know who it is they are on top of some metal like building frame and its rusty and unstable and in the middle of some huge deep lake and a first the mom is trying to protect her kids from the guy but then she throws the oldest in the water from 2 stories high and then she grabs the youngest and jumps in the water and tries to drowned him but the oldest child saves the younger one from the mom they swim to shore with the mom and the guy chasing them. then they run in to this house and all of a sudden it changes to me and a group of my friends with the mom and guy still chasing us and slowly one by one the mom and guy kill us all chasing us threw out the house and im the last one he stabs me 3 times in the back and once in the front i pretend to play dead and he and the mom go away laughing and holding hands and kissing.i knew that they were both vampires and so were the other people in the house the whole time. i get up and run away outside where i see them but the mom and guy and everyone else that was in the house are vampires. i guess it was some kind of party. but they sit there and kill people to eat on this huge alter type thing while im watching and i guess its like a sacrifice type thing so they can be all powerful. so i have to fight them off and while im doing that i see the oldest from the first part of my dream is going to get sacrificed so i save him and then learn that the younger child got turned into a vampire and helps us stop the other evil vampires. just when i think we have on the guy that was chasing us gets up and tries to kill me again but the other older child saves me and kills the guy and the mom and then the younger child turns me and his brother into vampires so we can help protect the humans of the world.