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I was Barack Obama's closest friend. There

I was Barack Obama's closest friend. There was a romantic chemistry between us, we had kissed once, but decided not to act on our attraction, since he was married and running for re-election for President of the United States. We were in the den at the White House on the night of the election. While he was waiting for the polls, we were opening gifts that he had received from his followers. He received a barbeque grill. Then he opened this really big gift, which contained a huge, life size can of barbeque ribs and a life-size bottle of barbeque sauce. We were hysterical laughing and he asked me to take a picture of him with the ribs and sauce. I made a joke and said, "you can cook your ribs on the grill you got." His family, a few sons and a couple daughters and his wife, were all out campaigning for him. His daughter came home to get something and screamed at him for having me there. I told her, she should calm down, because we were only friends. She accused me of lying and being pregnant with his child. I assured her that I was not pregnant. She said that I was breaking the family and house rules, to not get pregnant while living at home. He had followed her out the front door, to try to calm down his daughter. I was worried about her telling someone and ruining the election and his chance to be the President of the United States again. Barack did have the choice to leave his family and the presidency and spend his life with me, but neither of us wanted him to give up his dreams. In the meantime, I went to the bathroom to get ready for the party. My best friend, Lisa, came to get me, because I was in a panic state over my outfit. She took me to the main bathroom, where there were alot of women getting ready for the party. It seems that we were all staying at the White House for the weekend, kind of like a retreat. I said to Lisa, that I looked like an army guy fighing in war. I was wearing a black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes, with a camoflouge green button down shirt over my black t-shirt, which was not buttoned. As we were walking to the party, we stopped to view these boards, almost like the boards, they have up in train stations with the train information. These were the poll tallies at the time. It was undecided stilll who was going to win. The announcer had stated that voting ended at midnight, and I gasped because I had forgotten to vote for Barack. While we were standing there, a lady from work (at the IRS), told me she waiting for my step-son to get there, and he was driving a cadillac and he was 16 years old. Then Lisa and I, met up with my son, Jonathon and my nephew, Justin. We were all sliding down this long hallway, that went on a down slope, to get in line to buy fast food. My nephew wanted nachos with chili and cheese. We were at the party and I watched with love from afar, as Barack celebrated with his family. I could feel the longing in my heart to be with him.