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I was sitting happily in a restraunt

I was sitting happily in a restraunt with my friend Chloe, but in the dream, she was my long lost twin sister. All of the sudden there were gunshots. The shooter was a young female. She attempted to shoot me but just barely missed. She began to un load her gun and drop all of the bullets on the floor. Then she started to sing a song about her brother and a shooting coming again and it not being her. Then I saw a billboard that said D. Thoe Dylan with a weird symbol on it. Soon I tried to get up back into my chair, and was surprised to see a young boy with a gun out. I quickly slid back under the table. But, he saw me. He crouched down to my level and said, "You will be first to die!" Then he shot at me and I screamed. But the bullet that landed on my chest wasnt a bullet, it was a lighter. There was one other bullet that hit me, it hit my arm. The wound on my arm look like this a cutter would inflict upon themselves. I then heard Chloe yelling at me, telling me to wake up, asking me to stay with her. Then the dream became blury, and I woke up.

I was standing on a corner of

I was standing on a corner of an intersection when this black boy got hit by a car. I called the police and the dispatcher asked me what happened. I told them that a black boy got hit by a car. They said they woundnt come because he was black. I cursed them out and hung up. Soon all the boys family was there and they were getting loud like they wanted to start a riot. I left annoyed and went to go eat. I walked to a resturant but walked out beacuse I remembered that my mom didnt like it. I went next door to a pizza place got food and went back outside to my family. The black people were still outside and i met up with my mom and got in her van and we left.

I dreamt that I was in an

I dreamt that I was in an abandoned building and I was with a group od friends. We began writing in a book full of hate and negativity about people. The people I was with shot and killed two people and were planning on killing a third. One guy I was with got a phone call and someone doubd out our plot. Someone shot him and I ran into the nearest school cafeteria. I was scared and guilty and turned myself into the police. They came for me and I saw one of my partners were bleeding from a gun wound. The ambulance was stitching it while the police began to interrogate me. I asked not to be revealed as the snutch.

Had a terrible nightmare, dreamed my 3

Had a terrible nightmare, dreamed my 3 year old daughter who doesn't live with me in real life died from gun shot wounds while riding in a truck with my mom and step dad and me our cousin shot her over my step dad not paying back drug money I have no idea what he does in his personal life but I do wonder now and my mother brother step dad nobody cared about her dying and I keep dreaming of my step father sexually abusing my daughter I can't see it but the expressions on his face I know. Something I know hes done it .... Somebody please help me with my dream

I woke up in the middle of

I woke up in the middle of the street just outside my house, I was wearing the clothes I had on before I went to bed and I was stuck in a chair out in the middle of the night with my right leg raised on some sort of pole. I called out for help as my leg was a bit painful and my foot had some visible blisters and after the first call someone came and helped me into the neighbors house across the street, so the person ran ahead to prepare a room. As I went inside I came to a corridor unlike anything I have seen as I have been in the house and there was a staircase up to somewhere but I was guided by a german shepherd into a small room where this person was waiting. The person had a female voice, never saw who this person was but this person cut open the leg of my pants and I saw two open wounds with 3 maggots in them. As I saw this I could see them crawling downwards to try and reach my foot and as she closed one of the wounds the other was left open and a bit later one of the maggots decided to jump out and crawl away. It was a small moment of pain when that happened and soon as that was over I woke up.

I drempt of a tree spirit like

I drempt of a tree spirit like an ent, torture me till I cried then ate me to sooth my wounds. While it was putting me into his mouth I was no longer the one being tortured but the one asking him why to let her go. And the spirit replied what I didn't do anything. I could tell the tree was enjoying the torture and was going to continue with or with out me. Then I woke up. I can still clearly see my dream. Also to note that when I was the one being tortured the tree enjoyed it and wouldn't stop until I cried. The tree used electricity and a burning device. The electric to my back to make my knee hurt and burned me in the groin area to the left just below my stomach. Help me. I have looked up many terms but nothing to help me determined what I drempt. I have had epic dreams before but was able to understand but not this one. Thank you.

Broken glass on second step of stairs.

Broken glass on second step of stairs. Someone deploying a gunshot wound to a child. A hockey Puck, swallowed a oval piece of glass. A constructions of a domicile. some I thought I knew stated to me I have not seen you a while, welcome.

I was walking behind my son, and

I was walking behind my son, and he fell in a hole. The first time he fell half way in and the second,(both occerences in same dream...sort of rewound itself like a movie on screen) he fell in the hole, running, I got to the hole, saw him from above, and as I grabbed for him and/ or something to grab him with I woke feeling mad and frustrated and fear all at the same time,

I was running from someone and I

I was running from someone and I was passing people in dark or brown clothing as I ran, finally I thought to my self if I could run in there he woundnt see me and then run pass me; but I was wrong so then I said ' older the wiser'