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I dreamed that my friend (who is

I dreamed that my friend (who is my confirmation youth director) was having troubles. I saw her living across the street from me with an older man (much older then her). I know in real life she is newly engaged though to a different person. My friend (Laura) visited my house and I remember her sitting on my bed with her head in her hands and she started to cry. The man she was living with was abusing her, making her be the servant, treating her very unfairly. Of course, she didn't tell me that, I saw it all before. She was just so sad and crying and when I asked why, she told me she didn't want me getting all mixed up in it because she didn't want me getting hurt.

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I had a dream where a mad

I had a dream where a mad man knw to me was being forcfuly mistakenly fallen into a grave dug by the youth so dat he will fall in for them to bury him alive,which d mad man fall and they started to cover him sound in dat dream

Strange dreams last night. Dreamt that I

Strange dreams last night. Dreamt that I was dressed beautifully and youthfully in wedding gowns and sat in all my finery in luxurious European halls with wedding parties all drinking champagne and enjoying sumptuous vitals and that I looked at the groom and left. Dreamt this twice with two different wedding parties and gowns and grooms.

I enter a van where my mom

I enter a van where my mom is driving and in the van there is a group of young youthful boys. I don't know none of them. My mom is picking young guys up to drop us off at an event, I am wearing gym clothes.I am sitting in the back seat of the van, indian style. My mom stoppes and picks up the last guy. He enters the car and shakes my hand and says "hi my name jonathan. I do not see how he looks. I ony know he had dark hair and was skinny and taller than me.

I dreamt that I was cleaning a

I dreamt that I was cleaning a house that belonged to my long time friend from youth. There were several bathrooms in it, covered by pink floral curtains. I saw trash on the floor so I found a garbage bag and began cleaning it up. Once I finished, my friend showed up with a slightly troubled look on her face and asked if she pulled up two chairs, if we could talk.

I dreamed that it was snowing and

I dreamed that it was snowing and cold, and that I was supposed to go to this place that I lived for a while earlier this year (an emergency shelter for youth) but instead of going I decided to go to my ex-boyfriend's house. We had still been dating while I had been living there in real life, and he lived very close by. I used to look out my window and wish I was with him. Anyway, I walked up to his front door, and he opened it before I even knocked or rang a bell. He was standing there with a girl - his new girlfriend, and she was nice and pretty. I was very polite and just said I had no where else to go (I knew I was lying), and he said I could come inside and go read some Vonnegut (I have a Vonnegut book that he gave me, but I had also been talking about those books earlier that day) at his kitchen table. Anyway, I thought his dog had died but he said the dog was still alive. I sat down in the doorway and the dog hopped onto my lap and licked me and I petted the dog. I could tell my ex was smiling at me, happy to see me smiling. I went inside and sat at the table and started reading the books. I could tell his father was in the living room watching TV but I couldn't see him and I didn't go and say hello. The books were very strange. I started reading them all but then I settled on one, and in it it was like a video game. People were in these tunnels and to get out you had to find which people were telling the truth so that you could find the surface. I finally did and came to the top.

In my dream my mum and dad

In my dream my mum and dad leading a youth group and I was making the weekend terrible for them, we argued allow weekend and I made it he'll for them. Also my family all appeared in my dream at different times. We also had the football team on a bus going through flooded streets