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My uncle jumped on the the roof

My uncle jumped on the the roof of a neighboring roof to get something off of it that was stuck. He seemed very agile on the roof. Then he slipped on ice and fell down off the roof to the ground. I tried to call 911 many times but no answer. Then I went back to see my uncle and he was being helped up and taken to the hospital by someone. I then noticed he has two broken bones in his leg but refused to use a wheelchair.

I was at m aunti friend house

I was at m aunti friend house and on all sudden at night her kids start bleeding and died and me and my auntie and my sisters were shocked and the other night I saw my untie in the bathroom trying to kill a baby and we ran she took a knife and wanted to kill us and I called 911 and she opened the door I went out ran with my sis next door my mom and dad came they hugged me the police came arrest her and I went home

I had a dream that I Haley

I had a dream that I Haley had come back for the summer, and the two of us went to the park that we have always gone to, to play volleyball. However, this time when we went to the park, Haley had been bitten by a rattle snake. When I saw this happen, I got the snake off of her leg, and carried her to a safer place. After that, I asked for her phone to call 911 and she handed it to me. I took the phone, slid the button to the right as you do on a iPhone, and she had a password. So I asked her for her password, and she said "Jozef is my true love." I typed it in the phone and it became unlocked. I dialed 911 and told them what just happened to her. When the call was over, I picked her up and carried her all the ways to the road, so that when the ambulance was there, we would be ready. They soon arrived, and in the ambulance we went. On our way to the hospital, I called my parents, and her's too to tell them what is happening. When we reached the hospital, they took her right to the emergency room and I came too. In the room, they began to get her ready so that they could clear out the bite. They said that she would have to take off her jeans, so that they could see the bite better. This is when I got up and headed for the door. But before I could exit, Haley stopped me and said that she wanted to stay no matter what and hold her hand. This made me really happy and made feel special.

My son and me were at the

My son and me were at the theater in Quincy Florida. I took him to the bathroom. While there two individuals were shot. On my cell phone I tried calling 911 to report the shooting. Operator ask for location and I told him that the theater was located on main street. He disputed me telling me that my cell call was coming from Tampa when we were in Tallahassee. I had to be back home with food for my father who is deceased no later than 1pm. I arrived late with no food and I started crying in my sleep but for real in life. All my dreams now are usually about my deceased relatives.

I'm driving in a car with my

I'm driving in a car with my husband and there are two tigers chasing us. They start out walking slowly towards us, then start running towards us in the car. My husband and I are arguing in the car about moving to a house we haven't even seen, he tells me that we need to move to it and I say we don't move when we've not even seen the house. The car won't go any faster, one tiger leaps lands on the roof of the car and jumps over the car and disappears around the corner on the road. The second tiger continues to follow us then disappears. We stop at a store I try to call 911 and the phone jumps out of my hand and smashes to pieces. I have another phone in my hand but I cannot seem to dial the right number no matter how hard I try. I can no longer see the tigers but I sense they are there and there is danger to me and my husband.

I was in a restaurant and I

I was in a restaurant and I saw two guys at the back door putting together shot gun. I got up and left before they came in, and as I got in my car, I could see them walking in starting to rob the place. I pulled out of the parking lot and was trying to dial 911 but was shaking too bad to dial the right numbers.

I dream my boyfriend and I was

I dream my boyfriend and I was with my two step kids we stop in this place where I didn't know why we were there this man look over in inside the car he went to reach out for the kids a complete stranger so right before he was gonna get them I grab and ran as fast as I can to get my boyfriend he was in a room I couldn't fine it was then when I look around I was in a tattoo place but they was rooms with hostage I was scared I ran back to get the kids they already had grab them making them cry saying thing so I ran again I made it to I room where this family was trying to call the 911 someone hit her so I grab the phone and I completely frost where my nerves couldn't let me speak and then I woke from my dream.