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I started out in my school in

I started out in my school in the maths block, it was my class and my favourite teacher, the class was chatting. The teacher handed out our books with our marks. I didn't get mine, so I asked about it and she handed it to me and I got a 3. All my friends got higher than me. We then all went to the hall where there was an arcade area and an art gallery, I felt at peace. Everyone was having fun, then the bell rung and everyone ran out. I was alone so I walked out of school and noticed that I couldn't see anyone, as I got out behind me there was a ghost, in my first dream it was a guy wearing clothes, this time it was a lady and she was completely black. I started running because I knew it was bad. The clothes I was wearing weighed me down and every time I turned around she would get closer. As I got into my driveway I noticed another girl standing there, but she wasn't evil she was just watching. The ghost got extremely close when I got in my house and locked my door. I felt at peace. In the first dream that was it, but this time her hand went through the window. I woke up in temporary pain.

I was at home and laying on

I was at home and laying on the floor rapped in a blanket and my dead fiancé came home from work and changed clothes I told him that there was a women and a young child sitting on the couch he said he had some shorts on and than he came by me and I gave him a hug I said to him I though he lost weight because when I was hugging him I was able to rap my arms around him he said he was losing weight and smiled than we started talking about selling the house we were in.

I was at a mall and my

I was at a mall and my friends and I were going up an escalator. Some friends branched off and me and one girl went to Jamba Juice. We were on the 3rd floor and her juice was leaking to the 1st floor. I looked at the store across from us and there was no clothes in it, but I did see my brother in law at the store. ( just like some people did in the alice training) he took his belt and held the closet door shut in side the door. The door opens towards him so the people that he was trapping in the closet got out. I go into the store to see what is going on because it looked really strange. I got in and my brother in law was now wearing a candy suit or armor. He had big candy velcroed to his legs and he had the box candy on his chest. He started fighting me. I was pulling candy off his suit and by doing that I realized that he was losing power. The people that he had trapped earlier started to help him go against me. The end.


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