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The sun was coming through the clouds

The sun was coming through the clouds and it was raining large raindrops. I was flying fast looking up as the cold rain hit me in the face. It was exhilarating. I saw the coastline of Monterey, California. That day they had discovered a new fish called the she-devil angler fish.

I was in a space capsule and

I was in a space capsule and it was getting really cold , almost freezing and I was trying to figure out how fix the issue before I ended up frozen

A girl is running from a guy

A girl is running from a guy she has probably married but doesn't love. He keeps chasing her and she keeps hiding in fear. People around her blame her and scold her for not being with that man, she feels like everyone around her is judging her. She runs from the man like from a killer and is terribly scared of him. She finds release when a man she actually loves finds her and takes her with himself.

I and with this friend in a

I and with this friend in a forest and it's cold. For some reason I have to kill some other two person in other to save my life and my friends life

I'm in the middle of nowhere there

I'm in the middle of nowhere there is my current boyfriend and my ex on different sides and they are pulling me to there side i see the sea rough and hard wind strong cold

It was at night and my whole

It was at night and my whole family was sleeping. In this dream, I had a sister, in real life I do not have a sister. During the night three men came into the house, they opened my sisters room and raped her. (I am female in real life) I felt as though i was a man in this dream. I remember, my mother telling me to run to the gray truck and get away. I drove as fast as i could, Then two of the guys chased me in their white truck with a 2 barreled riffle trying to shoot at me. It suddenly turned to a scene away from the house in a street i don't know but it was long. They were still chasing me and It was suddenly day time. I remember crashing the truck and feeling perfectly fine. I ran to my aunts house who was conviently close by, For some reason, i jumped her fence and went to the backyard, the fence was one of those picket white fences, with extremely healthy green grass and the sun was bright and everything looked calm and beautiful. I sat at my knees, and the two men stood behind me. I felt surrounded, but not in a bad way i told them something similar to " JUST DO IT ALREADY". They shot at a part of my back, I felt nothing. Then they shot at the right side of the crown of my head, everything looked fuzzy and muffled. I felt as though it was nothing. I then woke up with a shock, and a cold sensation on the spot they shot and "Killed me" in my dream. I was petrified for the rest of the timeLOL.

I have had the same type of

I have had the same type of dream since I was young. It starts with me waking up, in a bed that's not mine but still familiar. A man, his face obstructed, sleeps next to me. He is warm, I feel safe near him. He wakes up and suddenly I remember why we must hide our love. It's always a different reason. But the danger remains. I try to convince him to leave, I tell him I'm not worth his death. He dismisses my fears. However soon, another man, this one dark and cold kills my love in front of me. He offers me a choice, love me or die. I would rather die than be with him. He always kills me in a horrible and painful fashion. My death always has different excuse; witch, traitor, whore. I wake up feeling my wounds.

I was home alone with my 2

I was home alone with my 2 youngest children, they were both in bed fast asleep and mydoorbell rang, when I went to answer it the 2 kids were stnding outside, I asked them to wait and ran upstairs only to find them fast asleep in their beds, the doorbell kept ringing and the kids outside were begging me to let them in because they were cold, my phone rang and a voice told me not to let them in as they wanted to spread evil in my house and that they weren't my kids, it was breaking my heart tough as they were begging me to let them in