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I was pregnant and in labour, the

I was pregnant and in labour, the only person in the hospital room was my mum and she kept injecting my back over and over again. I said I didn't want it but she said I had to then I blacked out, I woke up in my nans house and didn't feel like I hadn't given birth and asked if I was doing everything right to which my man replied I'll ask your mum. My mum said yes everything is correct. I walked downstairs not feeling safe and my whole Family was in one room hugging two Chinese babies one did not look new born. Over and over I kept asking myself why I had Chinese baby's and 2 of them my baby should be mixed race black and white. Then I really did panic and something said these aren't my babies. I ran to the pub and asked a bar tender did I have a baby and was there a woman with me last night. The bar tender said 'let me guess they aren't you babies' and pointed over my shoulder I turned around and my mum was facing a wall sat alone laughing with a devilish laugh and said so you figured it out. I tried to grab her to fight but it was as if she went through my arms when I tried to hit her. Then I remembered she had previously told me in another dream, when people have turned bad or possessed you need to burst their ear drums I tried and missed and she continued laughing but I finally managed to do so and when I did she began breathing fast like she was gasping for air like she had been drowning and all the colours became bright again. This is where I woke up

I dreamed I was in a big

I dreamed I was in a big castle of the devil and awaited my turn to go in for a session with the devil. While I was in the waiting room I saw lot of kids they were sleeping and one corner I saw two people making love and I felt the evilness in the Castle. I then decided to escape, I saw myself ran down the stairs of the castle and somehow I got to the bottom it is a beach and I ran but infront of me were totally darkness and I have no idea what I am going to run to in the darkness and then I saw the devil a man fly outside the castle to come after me and then I decided to go back instead of running into this totally darkness, and he got hold of my left hand and led me back to the castle...but at the same time I cried out "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy Spririt Help me Help me and I know the devil was disappear and I never went back in to the castle....Thank you

It was almost the end of the

It was almost the end of the world and me and my boyfriend and kids found this nice house. We then entered the home and the servant said tho was the devils house. I then explained to my oldest kids and said do not say Gods name lets just leave then I woke up