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My husband Troy, our special needs son

My husband Troy, our special needs son Ross and I were at some function out of town. We were in some type of room in a hotel. Kinda felt like a holding room as others starting entering in. We discovered that they played us here so they could hand pick those they wanted to be in the audience. A few people figured this out and snock out to see if they could get into the event. My husband was one of them I saw walk through a curtian into the event. My was bothered that he just left us there. Thinking he always gets to do these amazing things. What was hours later the room turned into a room with beds. Troy came back smelling like sex. He confessed saying he didn't have sex but enjoyed other things with beautiful women. He said that he doesn't love me and knows that I'm not going anywhere. I grabbed my son Ross and we walked out of the room. I was so confused as to what he just said to me and unsure where to go as we were in a city I didn't know. The next thing I know a black convertible bow shows up. They say Ian take it so I load Ross and his wheelchair up and slowly drive as it was very crowded. I left the doors open as I wanted to turn the corner and pull over to drop the top but the traffic became so bad. I finally got over and put my hazards on and a woman comes up to me saying I'm going to lose my son for driving with my doors open and that I needed to turn the car in. I was confused and explained to her that I just got it and only drove around the block. She said that Troy had it for days before and I had to get out of it . Than I woke up

Trapped in house with family friends :

Trapped in house with family friends : can't get out / electric fences / all doors locked. Had to play computer game to get Out / run from people. Got out then got taken back to different area with more security

I had this dream where I woke

I had this dream where I woke up in this white room. When I say white I mean that EVERYTHING WAS WHITE The floor was white, the tv was white, the nightstand was white. Anything that you could have possibly think of was white. I got out of the bed and honestly didn't care where I was tbh I was more interested in what was in this place more than how I got there. I walked around and noticed all the doors were locked so I thought "Well damn am I stuck here now?" I turned around to see this huge window that appeared out of no where I quickly ran over to see what was out there and the view was like a water floor that would spread for miles, a sunset that looked white, not normally it's orange-red ish color and just a clear white sky. but okay this is was my favorite part, at that moment I felt like someone was behind me, and I was right. It was some guy who laid on the floor kinda like a doll I guess? He wasn't moving so I walked over to him and moved his hair out of his hair out of the way and noticed that His eyes were blue. That was the first color in that dream that I saw that wasn't white

I was in a dark forest at

I was in a dark forest at night, and there was a big lake. In the lake was a dragon. No one else knew about it but it trusted me and came out of the water to see me and I fed it. A man in a car showed up and demanded to see the dragon but I insisted that it didn't exist, and the dragon hid. Finally the man left and I watched him drive away, and the dragon came out to see me. I climbed on its back and we raced through the forest. By the time we found a clearing it was light out. There were people and little buildings and a house that had mechanical doors, twisting gears connected to wood. I went inside to find a man, an old inventor that I somehow knew. The dragon knew him too but he stayed outside, the hallways being too small for a dragon to fit through. The inventor emerged with my aunt, who I was surprised to see, but he reassured me that he only created her to look like my aunt because he fell in love with her. I wanted him to help me keep the dragon safe out in the woods because people were starting to catch on that he lived near the lake. He agreed, and it felt like the start of an adventure.

Outdoors, it was a long view of

Outdoors, it was a long view of a grassy plain. Late afternoon. Storm clouds forming. I saw, in the middle of this plain, a herd of buffalo. Stampeding towards me. Odd thing. The stampede seemed to have flame or light sporadically coming out of it. I sounded a warning to another, who I did not see nor do I know. Almost angry at that person, I was. I was "inside" what could be a large terminal, or station - but it had no wall that faced the plain. It was totally open. I took cover on what would be a restroom stall against a wall, closing the aluminum door hoping not to be run over. The perpendicular wall to the stall was a tall wall of thick beveled glass - this is what the stampede would have to crash into. The sound of them stampeding got louder as they drew nearer. I was scared. But at the moment of what should have been impact on the beveled glass - there was silence. As if they had either disappeared or ran through it without a trace. Amazed at what didn't happen, I then woke up.

Bizarre dream. Small dogs. Playful small dogs.

Bizarre dream. Small dogs. Playful small dogs. Blue candys. Can't realize I'm eating the candy (similar to jawbreakers). More and more candy is in my mouth but I don't realize. A tooth is VERY loose and about to fall out. Choke on my tooth. Spit it out and tons of candy falls out. Can't get the candy out it's so much in my mouth. Very drunk and stumbling. Trapped. Small room. Weird doors and ladder. Girl locks everything weirdly from the inside. Asks me if I like her one dog. mouth is suddenly full of candy and I spill some out. She thinks I'm throwing up. She sees the full pieces of candy. Questions it. I cry. Run away. Embarrassment feelings. Edit: Someone in room says my mom is on her way to pick me up. I freak out. So drunk. Can barely see and stumbling hard.

I am in my old house in

I am in my old house in my bedroom all alone, no one is home but I hear noises in the basement. As I move out into the all way I realize the power is out in the house and all the doors are locked. I go to the basement door , I look down the walls of our red staircase and see that there are several ghost like people all in my basement and they are trying to come upstairs. I start to panic and try to get out of the house but there is no way out. Until I find that the garage door is unlocked and my whole family is standing outside telling me to get out of the house. I struggle to get outside but I can't and that is when I typically wake up.

In a large crowded building, it seems

In a large crowded building, it seems we are trapped inside and apart of some huge social test, they open the doors only to let in a rush of horror movie-esque serial killers to pick us off one by one, luckily, i am few of the fortunate ones, i run and hide into a futuristic elevator with a few other people inside, lying on the floor. i exit the elevator and do it all over again, one man looked like a burn victim with no face / facial feautures dressed in a firefighter / cop uniform, then exited the building. there was an uproar in the crowd as they were about to release the next set of monsters into the ring, i was devasted and screaming and ran to the elevator again, knowing that it had worked in the past, i run to exit and the elevator malfunctions and does not open, i can feel the bite of the beast, the count down.. suddenly, i dart inside and barely make the close! i find him inside there, holding me close.. hat tipped sideways i can even see his face, "hold on tight" he whispers, as he hacks the elevator, pressing every button simutaneously until we end up in another dimension, its night time and im making a run for it, almost seen, apartment complexes everywhere, its day now and im walking up a hill, i see large trucks and they make me nervous, soda trucks with bumper stickers on them, something tells me not to go that way...