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I was sat on the floor outside

I was sat on the floor outside where I used to go to college, it was a lovely hot sunny day and there were two guys across the road laughing about emojis on clothing, and a group of girls on my side of the road a few feet away laughing about the same idea, so I started shouting idea about what'd look good and came up with watermelon on ripped white jeans, and one of the girls thought it must have been the best idea ever because she came up and hugged me and invited me into their group. So when I got up and walked down they were smoking a couple joints between em, but they didn't offer me any yet. Anyways there's a bit of a gap between being there with the group of girls and waking up to see my finished tattoo. Which the tattooist had ruined, and I realised I'd probably been drugged, because the head and mane was okay, but the horn wasn't in its head, instead it looked like the head was attached to a walking cane and the horn was attached to the curved end but shaped like a butt plug!! And I had to live with it so I went back to my house and my sister was in the bedroom and the group of girls was just leaving, but they left me half a joint in the windowsill so I smoked it out the window, and as I put it out a green skull flashed before me and that was a symbol that I would have a nice high and not a bad one.

A far as I know, my dream

A far as I know, my dream started in a rainstorm. For some reason, it was my fault that wind was circling my house while a dark storm brewed outside. Internally, I remember thinking that it was tornado weather, that a tornado would strike my house and pull it from the ground. The difference I didn't notice till I woke up was that the house was like a weak replica of my house made of old wood. It was placed where at the school where it says "community center" but the school wasn't there. The winds did eventually pull apart the house, but only the second floor, which I was on, was swing into the school parking lot. It went slow motion as I was flying and whenever I fly in a dream, it slows down, like my mind is questioning if that could really happen. After the second floor of my house replica crashes through a tree, I climb out safely and unharmed. In the school parking lot is my cousins. Liz and I are put on a team for a new game against Debby and Ruth. The game is like tag but even though one team goes after the other as the tagger and the other runs, it doesn't switch teams if you tag them. Teams switch between being tagger at the sound if a whistle every 5-10 min. If your tagged, your out of the game. We suddenly found ourselves running around grandmas farm before ending up at some place I've never seen. At this place was all the freshmen and the teams were now boy against girl. Us girls were taggers and were hanging out in an apartment like building with the boys that for some reason we weren't tagging, even though they were in still. Suddenly the whistle blows and us females run for the door, um the first out of the backroom into the kitchen and debate hiding in the fridge, but instead hide to the side of it opposite the door everyone is trying to get through. The lights are off and most of the females that havnt been tagged are running out the kitchen door to where I suppose the hallway is. The first male to come out turns on the kitchen light.The males are screaming "this is Sparta!" And chasing after them. A few of the males still have food and drinks and shit from in the room and rush to the fridge to put it away. I'm freaking out cuz I think they'll catch me, but the door opens so it blocks me from view. They throw the stuff in the fridge and don't bother closing the door. At this point a person that is co side red a respected figure in the dream, I assume a teacher but don't recognize him, yells at the boys and makes them all crowd in the kitchen to talk about how impolite they are being to the girls. At this point , the fridge door is closed and Jo and gen show up next to me. I don't question anything at first cuz genna looks the same, but in this dream Jo is skinny. Her hair is the same color, but has an anime kind of wave to it, she literally looks like an anime character. This is the pint where I'm like "umm that's not how Jo is" and when I overly question the dream, it kicks me out so that's when I wake up.

I was at a building having a

I was at a building having a party my mother helped plan. I had seen many people I knew, including my deceased relative, my aunt. She was sitting with me and I tried to take a picture of us together while watching kids run all around a field. My dead aunt stroked my hair. The girls sitting next to me said something about an old friend I used to drink with when I was very young, and after they realized they had heard of who I was their attitude changed, there was mean things written all over the wall next to us about me, unpleasant things I have done. Then everybody started to leave, and I had won an award for 7th place of a gathering. Then the field the children were playing in started to fill up with baseball players and fans and as we walked out we were in the stone streets of the old world with my family and I had took a picture of a woman walking towards an old building.

I was sitting at home watching the

I was sitting at home watching the news when the breaking news was that a young man from England commited suicide. The name of the young man was Bradley Parks, and he left a note saying that he was going to end with his life because he didn't have any friend anymore. And also apparently because i blocked him. So i went to his FB and saw some of his contacts with his pic on their profile so i realised it was true. Then i saw a comment from his aunt saying this: As my first nephew i can't believe this happened to you and i refuse to believe that you're gone, i prefer to think that you're in a cruciere in the Caribean with three girls having fun. And then i realised you were really gone, so i felt really, relly sad and empty because i realised i would never talk to you again (this time for sure) and then i saw a status on your fb account that it said: Current status: Commited suicide. So i saw the comments from your friends saying that they couldn't believe what happened and how much they were going to miss you. So i started thinking about the afterlife and the fact that you might be there now so you might be able to see me as a ghost so i started to thinking that if i died we would be together like forever, then i cried for you and felt sad and depressed and missed you a lot because you didn't exist in the world anymore.

Five young persons investigue some kind of

Five young persons investigue some kind of murders. Four of them are from USA and one boy is from UK, in the UK it's Halloween and everything is orange and full of pumpkins and the boy from Uk is talking with one of the girls from USA because they have to go to the cemetery to see the dead body when the night start to fall the girl from USA stars to see the dead ones and her eyes stars changing the color from black to blue and at that time in the cemetery she stars to see more clearly the dead ones than the leaving ones and just like that she realises the guy from the UK is dead and is helping them to solve the murder. Then the girl who sees the dead ones realises that the murder is in the cemetery so she starts running for her life.

I usually have vivid dreams, but I

I usually have vivid dreams, but I can also usually interpret them myself, as I understand that the subconcious draws symbolic meaning from things. However, this one has me stumped and I am looking for help. Let me first preface this with some important information. Most importantly, I own three pet snakes, who are friendly and lovable. This is essential to understand because these snakes hold a different meaning to me as they are my pets, so it's not an ordinary snake dream, but rather a beloved pet dream. They are all also young and healthy (so there's no danger in reality of any harm coming to them). I have had about 4 or 5 dreams in the past year in which something or someone kills them in terrible ways. Most other things about the dream vary. It's always different locations and themes, and usually a different thing trying to kill them. Also, it's my two male snakes that are usually in danger. Another thing is that I recently dated a guy for the first time in a long time, and broke it off a couple weeks later. I liked him a lot but it wasn't serious. We hadn't been boyfriend and girlfriend or anything, it was just a matter of him being younger and not wanting a serious relationship. I was the one who broke it off as I didn't feel I could stay casual or non-exclusive. Last night's dream was the most disturbing one I've had, however, and so this is what has me seeking answers. Some aspects are hazy but I remember being in a large, lavish building, lots of red (my favorite color) and lots of attractive people around my age (26). It was some sort of function. The guy I most recently dated is there, and we are just kissing and walking around and having a good time (no sex or anything like that, just on a date, it seemed). I am suddenly somewhere else, and when I go up to find him there are attractive girls surrounding him. I try to push my way through, do things to get his attention, but nothing works and he ends up being weirded out by me and leaving with the other, more attractive girls. It gets a bit hazy here, but I am with a friend now, trying to find my way through this sort of palace. I remember going back and fourth and around in circles a lot before I find "my room" in this place. When I go in, my female snake's tank is there, open. To my horror I look down and she has been torn to pieces, her bloody tail on the ground. While I have no recollection of feeding her in the dream, I instinctively felt as though a mouse or rat (their food) has done this to her. I pick up the gross, bloody pieces of her and cry for help, but I am alone and no one comes. I start crying uncontrollably, and this is where I woke up, crying in reality. This was the worst dream I've had in a long time, and I am completely stumped as to what it means. My snakes are healthy and fine (I don't feed them live mice or rats so there's no danger of this happening in reality). In regards to the guy I was dating, I didn't believe there to be any serious feelings involved, as it was not a long-lasting or serious affair. He was the first person I had dated in a while though. Is my subconcious telling me different? I have none of these feelings while I'm awake. And what does my female snake's gruesome death have to do with anything? Somebody please help me make sense of this.

My dream started in a restaurant and

My dream started in a restaurant and I was just sitting at a table, then a group of boys and girls walked in and came by my table I don't know why but I pretended like I was sleeping and sat there and listened to what they were saying . They said that my boy friend had girls all at his house the night before and all a sudden he walked into the restaurant with girls and say at this table I then got up and told the girls he was not hanging out with them and that' it is his fault . I grabbed him by his arm and took him out of the restaurant we started walking down the road screaming at each other I told him he doesn't treat me right and that he's mean to me and he told me he didn't love me anymore and I told him to die and a truck was coming and he jumped in front of it and got hit and I started screaming bloody murder and I ran up to him traumatized crying and I told him I loves him but he's hurt me so much that I can't be with him anymore idk why I said that when he was sitting there dying but. That's what happened And we just looked at each other and cryed


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