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grandpa was younger - a successful pastor.

grandpa was younger - a successful pastor. speaking against the political situation in egypt and how supporting giants like mcdonalds would support america but supporting something else would help egypt be protected against muslim powers. the people in the video clip were bobble heads walking around but they had faces of people in our family - all my aunties, uncles, grandparents family, cousins etc. dead mother not present in dream. then dreamt about my aunty walking with me and giving me advice - we went to a pool table and she was like "do it like this, but not like this" etc -giving me what to do and what not to do". I remember a large amount of pressure being on me and how nervous i was, and then i missed the first hit. i dont remember the subsequent hits after that. old teacher we had a conversation on paper in red marker, i dont remember what it was about. but then other people got involved and some papers went missing, to make it look like it was against me, and the writing was in another colour. then there was this huge investigation into it. strange! also dreamt (i think) i was speaking to friend on the internet and she sent me something to test me out and then i was - i dont remember this part of the dream exactly but i do remember feeling like i was being tested. i also dreamt of favourite teacher and she was a younger skinnier version and she just walked past me.

I am lesbian. In my dream, I

I am lesbian. In my dream, I was taking a walk with my favourite tomboy singer from Hong Kong after watching her mini concert. We started talking about life and comparing stories. She told me that it really isn't different being homosexual in a place where there aren't equal rights. The most important thing is to remember to be yourself no matter what and don't take what others think about you seriously. I told her about how at my high school in Canada, we have assemblies and presentations about the minorities of our society and topics that may be considered taboo (ex. suicide, homosexuality, drugs & alcohol). She was very surprised and said she wished that was how things were like in Hong Kong too.

i saw my dead grandmother in my

i saw my dead grandmother in my dream when i was dreaming about my dead grandmother i saw her cooking me my favourite meal and gaving me to eat but as soon as i started eating i saw her put on her favourite (lips stick) red. In my dream there was my family eating with us but for a second in my dream i remembered that she was dead and i started arguing and crying with her and my grandmother tried to make me feel better in my dream and i woke up after obviously in tears .

I was in my old Church gym

I was in my old Church gym with people from one of my favourite shows. I was teamed up with Erza, one of the main characters, and we were to fight everyone to prove strength. It was madness, but I was strangely excited and sought out opponents. Each person used magic and I was a fire user. I rode on a skateboard on my stomach, attempting to set someone on fire. To my horror, my magic was super weak for some unknown reason and it was all I could do to use my fire magic to shoot away. I attempted to fight several times, each ending in the same way. Suddenly Erza and I were alone in a forest. The game had changed and we had three rules to follow.