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I am in travelling back with an

I am in travelling back with an old school friend the car flips before i can get in the car, the car is filled with sand and we carry on our journey if nothing had happened, there is an artist in the car and he is using the sand to make a picture using paints of various colours to make a lion surrounded by flowers, we drive for a while and arrive at a train tracks, the tracks are packed with different shops and I find myself surrounded by people we make our way along the tracks, the artist guy buys an icecream eats it and then isnt seen in the dream again, we go in a few of the shops along the walk picking up rice balls and a black and white hamster along the way. when we reach the end of the tracks I am greeted by a firework display and a mass of people jumping through the air its beautiful and I tke some photos but look around and realize that I no longer see anyone that I know, I am left alone holding the hamster and have to find my own way home then I woke up.