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I was at my grandmas house in

I was at my grandmas house in the back yard down by the garden i noticed there were okra and some other vegetables left then she appeared at the oposite end of the garden she said" take what you want hun, I couldn't get it all by myself, i got what i wanted out of it." Then we walked up to the house & went inside she showed me bags of potatos that she got from her garden to sell at her sons' in-laws farmers market. She designed the bag & logo for her potatos and the other produce she was selling at her stand then i noticed there was an ironing board out and i had asked her why she said she got it out to use it right before i came over, she was going to iron her clothes she was going to wear at the farmers market, she had a peach colored shirt that she was going to layer with a red blouse thst had gold on the top around the neck of the shirt then she asked if i thought she would look alright then i woke up

My sister had moved into a new

My sister had moved into a new house, it was much larger and nicer than her last house, large garden but with a walk through for the public, as my sister and I sit and chat and admire the new house, my daughter carries in a baby bear saying look what I have found, I immediately panic and say the mother will be coming for her bear, I take the baby bear which is rather large and run out of the house I can see the mother bear in the distance I get as far from my sister house as possible to put the baby bear down while still hoping I have enough time to get back to my sisters house before the mother catches up with me, after putting the baby bear down I run back to the house, I'm frantically aware that the baby bears sent is over myself and my daughter and I insist we both change, there are people all around my sisters garden and the mother bear now with her cub pays no attention to them however it appears she is looking for me because of the scent, whilst in my sister house to my horror the baby bear has found me again and the mother bear is close behind, the bear cub and mother eventually get into the house and are in another room, there is an overwhelming sense of inevitability that they will soon be upon us, my children appear safe however my sister and I discuss the best course of action to take, my sister suggests we sneak out the back, have a quick chill out and wait to see if the bear catches us, this is where I wake up.


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