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I had an outer body experience last

I had an outer body experience last night while manifesting through dark energy on a love and money spell that I had cast earlier that day. My physical body took on a black silhouette figure and I found my outer body standing in the front yard of my house looking up at the moon that was six times it's normal size and had stars abnormally clustered around it. I looked up at the moon and defiantly said "I want the money and the wealth! He WILL love me! This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!" I repeated the same thing twice and then the vessels of my heart protruded out of my chest like giant tubes and one vessel connected directly to the moon and the other stretched it's way all the way to my lover's house through his bedroom window. I looked at the moon again in my dark form and said "This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!"I began making motions with my hands as if pulling the manifestation into me and into my heart. Right after that money began to fall from the sky towards me. As I reached down to pick it up I noticed the street was made out of soft, cushion like rocks and every piece of money I picked up was all 100 dollar bills and nothing less. I had so many 100 dollar bills in my hand that it became an enlarged stack of them. Next a silhouette of a nice looking car popped up on the street and my lover appeared also in a black silhouette form and he said my name. I turned around and looked at him and we hugged each other before getting into the car and driving away.

I dream that was going from garbage

I dream that was going from garbage can the garbage can in this giant mall parking lot and my grandfather was driving the car and I would get out runs through garbage can searching for tens grab what I could and put it in the backseat. I get to one garbage can that's like 20 feet away from another garbage can and while I'm searching I find a couple remote control items so I figured maybe I could get them to work so I go to show my grandfather and I see him staring ahead into a different larger almost dumpster like garbage can and there's a man taking his Christmas decorations and throwing them in there full sets of decorations including nativity sets and a giant Santa sleigh period I look at my grandfather and we both have a look on our face like jackpot and that's when I woke up completely drenched in sweat blankets soaked

I was with my ex-boyfriend and his

I was with my ex-boyfriend and his daughter at a playground, when he started acting crazy, so I drove away but I still had his daughter's coat, bag and car seat in my car. I worried she would be cold and was annoyed at my ex boyfriend for not being worried. Later I was in a giant school, cafeteria in England where my new boyfriend, one I had never met, was with me telling me how to get away from vampires, we were big chased by vampires and there were other people with us who kept getting killed by the vampires. We finally reached the cafeteria where we were safe but I tried to buy lunch and the lady behind the register kept getting angry at me and people were still being killed by the vampires.

I was standing on top of a

I was standing on top of a cliff surrounded by people who wanted to cause me harm, by my side was my white horse. I leapt into the air fearless of the fall facing heaven and I called out SAVIOR (my horses name) and he leaped after me. We both landed safely in water and i created a cave where my friend a giant giraffe and giant hawk came to my aid and traveled from far to get to me.

Dreamed a large mouse was crawling over

Dreamed a large mouse was crawling over my husband's shoulder, and he said they eat even clothes or anything that is edible, and I said nah I don't think so, and then when I realized it was a giant rat, I said oh yes, maybe you are right

Getting ready for a mini gathering with

Getting ready for a mini gathering with Pepper, Hanna, Linda Overslept? Supposed to meet them at 11:00am but woke up at 11:07am Went to Giant to shop for brunch items Run into Hanna and Linda I've prepared chicken and waffles I want to get something else. Linda suggests I get blueberries too I drive over to the park and it's now a Starbucks employees gathering. On a pier of some sort. Looking over a beautiful lake. With a ropes course and mini islands. I get worried because I don't know how to swim. I'm with Von and Frankee? Von is so cool. She's dressed in blue button up and khakis. Everyone is. I'm wearing chambray top and black pants. Will that be ok? Von wants to swim and do a ropes course. Gets really excited. But then mentions she's on her period and can't. I'm next to a Hispanic guy. Then BlackCindy from the tv show, "Orang is the New Black" appears with a huge duffel bag. I hold the bag for her. She sits next to me on wooden bench. She's so funny. Then next to me is... white guy, so familiar. Dax Shepherd. We start talking. I mention how I haven't had sex since I got married. I tell him not to get married. We talk about the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." He starts flirting with me. Selena Gomez comes in. Crying. Everyone rushes over to her. I give her a tissue but she throws it away and gives me a dirty look. I don't take it personally.

I was on another planet not a

I was on another planet not a planet in our solar system though but another planet that was in another star system. I was wearing a torn up space suit in my dream the planet was safe looking from what I could tell the planet was like Earth it had the right things to birth life then I heard angry buzzing I turn around and saw giant human like bess carrying spears.

I was on a train with my

I was on a train with my sister on the way to the beach. It made a stop and I told my sister we should get off the train but she said there's another stop that's closer to the beach so we stayed on. The train became a bus. When the bus was coming to the last stop it was going really close to the water and I was wondering when it was going to stop. But it didn't stop and it kept going in the water and it started riding the waves. We were all scared and didn't know what the bus driver was doing. Then the bus crashed into a wave and it started sinking. I tried swimming out but my shoes were dragging me down because they were too heavy so I took them off and swam to shore. My sister also swam to shore. Then I was talking to her and telling her that those were my favorite pairs of shoes and it's sad that I had to loose them. So I went to the shore and looked for my shoes and I found two other pairs of shoes and decided that I could just wear those on the way home. Then I realized that my sister was helping look for survivors so I went to help her. We saw a giant in the water and we all started to lift him out of the water. This giant was made by God to carry all of our souls so he was a very special person. I went to grab his head but someone already was holding it so he said to go hold his leg up so I did and we carried him to the shore.