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Befor I fell asleep i was cuddling

Befor I fell asleep i was cuddling with my new bf after we I just had sex for the first time. I was at the park with my kids and this girl named saying was talking about my ex fling who I haven't seen in a month. I told her that I knew him. I was just seeing him for a few months. She kept talking about how big his penis was and how much she likes him. I laughed at her and told her good luck. He will be around until you get feelings for him and then he will run. I told her that's what he did to me. He spent a wonderful weekend with me and the next day sent me a message saying that he is that way because he's so scared of getting his heart broken so as soon as he gets strong feelings for someone he blocks them and changes his number. But I told her how he still asks people about me. Roy showed up then and started freaking out because I told her about us and then I woke up and was still in my new bfs arma

I was in school and the teacher

I was in school and the teacher was showing us porn to teach us. When I went out of the classroom I was very embarrassed and blushing and walked out. I had sex with a boy during class too. It was time to go home and I went outside where it was already nighttime. I saw my friend run up to me and we hugged and jumped, she also brought a friend with her. We decided to walk home together even though I was beginning to forget where I live. We stopped at a store where she wanted to buy a snack and her friend said no because she thought I didn't have the money to buy a snack too. But I bought an ice cream. We started walking again and we separated somehow and I ended up in a gym where there were curtains. You had to choose the right curtain and have sex in it. If you chose the wrong one, you would explode the dynamite. There was a sex instructor and she was very pretty and was secretly evil. I never got to go home even after finding my friend again.

Getting ready for a mini gathering with

Getting ready for a mini gathering with Pepper, Hanna, Linda Overslept? Supposed to meet them at 11:00am but woke up at 11:07am Went to Giant to shop for brunch items Run into Hanna and Linda I've prepared chicken and waffles I want to get something else. Linda suggests I get blueberries too I drive over to the park and it's now a Starbucks employees gathering. On a pier of some sort. Looking over a beautiful lake. With a ropes course and mini islands. I get worried because I don't know how to swim. I'm with Von and Frankee? Von is so cool. She's dressed in blue button up and khakis. Everyone is. I'm wearing chambray top and black pants. Will that be ok? Von wants to swim and do a ropes course. Gets really excited. But then mentions she's on her period and can't. I'm next to a Hispanic guy. Then BlackCindy from the tv show, "Orang is the New Black" appears with a huge duffel bag. I hold the bag for her. She sits next to me on wooden bench. She's so funny. Then next to me is... white guy, so familiar. Dax Shepherd. We start talking. I mention how I haven't had sex since I got married. I tell him not to get married. We talk about the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." He starts flirting with me. Selena Gomez comes in. Crying. Everyone rushes over to her. I give her a tissue but she throws it away and gives me a dirty look. I don't take it personally.

I was at my highschool and I

I was at my highschool and I was talking with these two guys both I know one I know better than the other and I was talking and he got a erection and told me I have to fix it so I teased him and then we went to a private classroom and we had sex and I enjoyed it

I dream a white woman and my

I dream a white woman and my boyfriend and myself was in one room together. The white woman was talking about how she suck dick for a living and never had sex. I walk off to the bathroom and left my boyfriend and her talking. I saw my boyfriend hold up his hand and had the number four up, I went back in the room and start accusing him and asking did they exchange numbers and checking his phone and before I knew it there was blood.

Hello,I had a dream days ago. I

Hello,I had a dream days ago. I have been dating a guy for about 2 months, but we haven't had sex yet. Last week we decided that we're going to have it. However, the day before i dreamed that he was getting married to another woman who was wearing a black veil with no wedding dress. I saw myself in the church (assisting the wedding ceremony as his ex-girlfriend)I was sitting next to him and talking nicely to him until his bride came in (she was late, appeared interested and thoughtful). I moved and sat in front of them. The groom was looking at me and smiling during the whole time. He was wearing a white jacket (suit) with light blue pants and he appeared happy. I left the church before the wedding ended, and on my way a man tried to sexually assaulted. I would like to know what it symbolizes?.

I had an dream that me and

I had an dream that me and my ex got back together and I told him how I loved him and we had sex then I woke up

I was dating someone else but I

I was dating someone else but I wasn't really attracted to him and he was annoying. We had sex in a theater and people were video taping us which I wasn't okay with but I basically had to force him to stop because he wanted to keep going. He was annoying in so many ways and I was confused because I kept thinking that I thought I had been super attracted to him before (my dream was thinking of you I think) but he disgusted me and he was an asshole. I was having trouble figuring out if I should break up with him because I was super unhappy but didn't know if it was because of my OCD or if I really didn't like him