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Me and a group of people were

Me and a group of people were walking laps and my cousin wanted me to walk with her but a group of people wouldn't let me move but I tried and tried and finally did.then next thing I remember is walking in a place where I thought was heaven with my cousin I said" everything great its heaven" later I remembered was thre was a man and he was talking to my cousin a evil twins were behind her laughing creepily. Then I felt like I was fast forwarding it on a movie screen.and I felt like some parts I was in a movie and some parts I was beside her. I remember watching it in movie form because it said my ipod was 20 percent and I charged it at hundred percent and woke up with a hundred. I fast forward it to me and my cousin trying to get out but it didn't work....then I woke up

Own a home where door in entry

Own a home where door in entry is possessed, living room, kitchen are normal, 2 bedrooms are possessed and back bedroom is all white and feels like heaven.

Me and my sons saw my dead

Me and my sons saw my dead sister unlock a door and come into a house. I asked her how heaven was and she laughed and pretended not to hear me.

I suddenly appeared in the center of

I suddenly appeared in the center of a carinval a week after I died. My best friend was happy after she found Me there and hugged me and cried, but I was practically empty, I felt no love or fear. I had been torn out of heaven For some reason and everyone was so happy I was alive, but I just wanted to find out how I was ressurected and why. I lived with my parents and my dads mentally challenged step brother. Everyone in town treated me like a miracle and Then people started dissapearing from town and turing up dead, and I figured out that my step uncle was the serial killer and that my parents had been oblivious for years. I went to my old childhood friend's house to tell her I was alive and she asked what heaven was like, and I told her all I remembered was warmth and rest. I went home after confessing I came back from the dead wrong and then my step uncle tried to kill me and my family, only letting me stall because my previous death and screwed up past intrested him. I was finally able to get and then got emancipated from my parents.

So, in my dream I walked into

So, in my dream I walked into my woods and in real life theres just one straight path to my right and to my left there's my neighbors house. In my dream I walked down and the mans house was another path. The path to my left was a bright and heaven like path and the one to my right was dark and scary. Then I was walking down the right path and a woman dressed in white with white hair appeared and I ran away screaming. What does it mean if it has meaning at all?

I had a dream that God descended

I had a dream that God descended from heaven down to earth. In a Giant form bigger than the earth. He had a large beard and a giant horse with wings and the trumpet sounding as he took the people that he was taking to heaven with him

A message popped up on my phone

A message popped up on my phone from my boyfriend saying he received news that i wanted to break up with him. Which is true by the way. He was saying im scared. Im sad. Then im outside and i see a car crashed into a tree. A guys spirit comes out and the clouds are spreaded apart like gods hand leading him into heaven. His spirit turns around and waves saying if i can move on then so can you