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So I've been a cheerleader for 8

So I've been a cheerleader for 8 years and for my senior year of high school I'm deciding to not tryout because 1. I hate my coach 2. I don't like some of the girls on the team 3. Very stressful since my coach was a bully which made me hate myself. I do love the sport but I don't think I can deal with the stress anymore. Last night I had a dream that I was at tryouts and everything was fine. When it was time to find out who made it I woke up. I don't know what this dream means please help

i was in a high school, and

i was in a high school, and my friend and i were eating lunch in the cafe and when we left the school was really big and there were a bunch of stairways. i went to french class, and i had missed a couple of days and it was my first time taking french so i had no idea what the class was doing, and the girl sitting next to me didn't know either. then there was a creepy teachers aid in the back of the room that kept on staring at me, and when the bell rang he tried to talk to me and grab me so i ran and jumped down the stairs to get away.

My dream started in the woods behind

My dream started in the woods behind my old house, the house I grew up in. I was walking beside the creek that runs through our property when a little girl came up from behind me. Her features were muddled, except her long blonde hair and hazel eyes. For some reason, I knew I needed to take her hand and walk her to someone or something, so I smiled at her and did so. As we walked, we finally saw figures on top of a small hill, all dressed in white. I immediately knew that this was where I was supposed to take the girl. I didn't recognize any of the people - there were about 6 or 7 of them - except for one: the Pope. The Pope gestured for me to take a seat beside him and I did as the others took the little girl from me. I didn't see where they took her. The Pope and I sat and ate something - I can't remember what we were eating. We didn't speak or even really look at each other. When we were done eating, I turned around and found that I'd been turned back into a child and I was standing on a staircase that led upward. I began walking up the stairs and the scenery began to change. Instead of going up into the air, I was emerging from beneath the ground right next to the front porch of the home I grew up in. I suddenly heard screaming and looked up to find that the sky had turned green. I knew immediately that a tornado was coming and that's what had people screaming. The screaming got closer and then one of my old friends from high school appeared on the porch. He fell over the railing and into the hole I'd emerged from. The stairs were gone, so I didn't know how I was going to get him out. The wind began to pick up and whistle and I knew I needed to find shelter quickly, but I couldn't bring myself to leave my friend. I found part of an arbor that had fallen down and used it to try to get my friend. Just as he grabbed the other end of the arbor, I woke up.

I worked on a project with rose

I worked on a project with rose Reid and then she kissed me. Band and showchoir were rehearsing and I hooked up with a boy in a hidden area during show choir's rehearsal, and then I tried to get Terry Reid to come hookup with me there but we didn't want his friends to see him come in. Marie Howell gave me beads for secret Santa and Sarah dobrzynsky tried to claim them as hers and I told her they were mine and then she said Marie gave me a crappy gift. I had to drive 2 people home but I couldn't find my red Prius in the huge high school parking lot and I saw Lauren from work on the way to find my car and we chatted.

Was was walking down a crowded hallway

Was was walking down a crowded hallway when I saw my friend who had moved the previous year. We hugged and after a while she was gone. I realized I was in a giant building and I was lost. I found a tiny room with a fireplace and a comfy chair. I decided to make a map so I could find my way around. I ran out of room on the paper and decided to give up. I kept walking and walking and I started to notice similarities to my high school. Eventually I found my friend standing at the bottom of a staircase, and she was wearing a hat.