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I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, but

I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, but I've had a dream about me and my boyfriend., we were at a random place and I leave and come back with a beautiful baby girl, I wasn't even pregnant or showing in the dream., but she was ours., when I came back i was in a auditorium type of place and everyone (my classmates) was so excited to see her., (in the dream she looked like she was about a couple months old not a newborn) but my boyfriend wasn't there., then the dream skips over to a house, not sure if it was ours or not, but that's when I see my boyfriend, that's when he first see the baby girl as well., he was very shocked by the whole baby thing., but as soon as he held her., he bust into tears of joy. He was so happy and proud.

Appreciate your this specific post, it was

Appreciate your this specific post, it was worthwhile. downloaded 40D a while ago and also observed the way slow-moving every thing had been. in that case just now experienced cyberhawk tell me with regards to a software visiting us and also binged it (just kidding, i googled it) kservice and also kontiki... Have removed the particular essentially pointless 4oD that decided not to provide us whatever i needed to enjoy until i became spending money for it and after that experienced the particular oral cavity to be able to consistently operate and also suck up the memory! boo to be able to 4od Fake Ray Bans

My dream had me going to a

My dream had me going to a sky diving school several times. The meeting location was not at some small airport but an elaborate compound, with long corridors, stairs, court yards, like the Pentagon.I remember rushing through the compound each time trying to find a short cut, and i learned from prior trip to try different paths, all end up at the end through an upstair ramp or short staircase to reach the meeting destination. It is amazing how my brain works, the scenary were vivid and consistent. When I reached a certain spot it took me through familiar corridors. For example, if i decided to go through the gift shop this time it diretionally takes me to a common landing leading to the meeting place. It is like my brain pre-assembled the building and all the interior before I run through it. The sky diving itself was not spectacular. Yes at the end I did do a free fall like my instructor, for only a short time. So it was more about the journeys that took me there. Even though I tried different pathways learning from prior trips, it ended up taking about the same distance. My mental state was - I wasn't complaining but neither was I really enjoying the trips. It was more like rushing thought it each time. Why does this mean ? Thank you.