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Me and my friends were at like

Me and my friends were at like this large mall/building/convention/place. IDK it was more like a mall. And I was buying a new wig and I had a tough time pulling out my money. I pulled out half of the amount I needed. It was four dollars but I needed eight. Me and my friends were laughing because I was being slow. Earlier there was an announcement that somebody got murdered. Everyone was in remorse. But when I was putting my money up a lady burst in and started yelling. She said to stay calm but the murders were on the same floor we were. I dropped my wig and money and ran up the stairwell with my dad. We hid in the rows of a movie theater. He wanted to go in the back while I wanted to go in the middle. When he was going to the back there was this one Natsu cosplayer who mumbled that he was one of the killers. He was in the middle of the theater, really close to me and he had a long gun. I yelled at my dad to come with me. A few other people heard so they scattered as well. I ran up and down the stares wandering around and I lost my dad. That thought pondered in my head but I didn't do anything. I went to a stairwell which took me down. It was most empty. I passed a guy who has harassed me in the past so I just glared at him. I ended up passing the murders. Apparently there was more than one and this time it was a girl. There were five. There were five ropes leading down a hole. I made it outside and it was night time. I was jumping off of things and running. There were people on patrol but everybody seemed as dead as zombies. People on bikes, people on foot, people anywhere. They were trying to catch people who were living and especially me. Before I woke up I saw a blank grey face, for some reason i want to say she was female. She had children on chains and collars. They were following her in a sloppy line which was supposed to be straight. They were chanting, "this is why you never go outside" and a few people on bikes saw me and froze and then peddled after me. they were grey as well. everyone's skin was grey except for mine.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in my neighborhood with my family and my friend was coming over. There was a market at the bottom of my neighborhood that I was going to meet my friend there. When I got into the little market, it was dark and dirty with a couch in there. All the sudden, a huge, long snake started to go after me and I could not get out of the small room. The snake started to move fast and slither his tongue at me and I was jumping over the couch. My dad was in there and I was yelling for help and he just was ignoring me, he did not help and I ended up getting bit in the ankle by the snake.

I was at a summer camp and

I was at a summer camp and the camp director told us to do jumping jacks and we did. Then we were on these stairs outside and suddenly Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran started playing, and one of the boys in my group stopped on the stairs and just sat there mesmerized by the song. Everyone continued walking down the stairs and we entered a forest, I don't know why we were there but we were in a forest and there were cars and cabins there. I was very creeped out so I tried to leave, but when I did thorn-like things blocked the exit and a boy told me I had to stay loyal and help them look for a missing kid. So I walked around the forest and looked up at a cabin where I saw a shadow of a kid, it looked like he had a gun, he shot himself. I quickly walked away because I didn't want to believe it. I was about to as a supervisor how to exit the forest when two kids carried the corpse of the kid who shot himself. They lifted the sheet and there was a skeleton, and the skeleton was wearing a religious scarf on his head.