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So I invited my friend round to

So I invited my friend round to play smash bros with everyone, but when you got there for some reason everyone had already left for McDonald's. my living room was decorated like it was when I was a kid, the wifi went wrong and for some reason, the router was in the cupboard under the stairs, so I went to fix it and my friend came in with me, wearing a transparent shirt and a white bra that was too small. She hugged me then unclipped it and gave it to me, laughed at me Because I couldn't speak then hugged me again, a lot tighter then left, and when I came out it was as if nothing had happened and she was wearing a normal shirt, we just carried on with what we were doing

I was walking with my ex from

I was walking with my ex from 8 years ago. We were at a rave, which is something I love to do. We were talking about our kids and catching up. The race came to an end and we were walking back to my car. We talked more and I felt the connection and I pulled up to his house got out of the car and kissed. I told him his mom wouldn’t want me here and he said that he didn’t care and we sat and talked until it was light outside and it was time for her to go to work and we ran. She caught up to him and I just kept running I woke up before she could catch me.


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