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It was a nice sunny day, I

It was a nice sunny day, I was with my family, my friend and her mom. We were driving to lunch after church, but for some reason, we ended up at the huge stadium. There was a guy talking through a microphone and some people were singing in the background. My family and I sat down in some seats that were lower to the ground. My friend and her mom sat next to us. I looked up and saw people sitting on these bleachers that were almost 100 feet high. The bleacher was practically balancing on this 5 foot wide pole. It looked kind of creepy to be honest, but I wasn't sitting up there so I didn't worry about it that much. Suddenly my friend's mom poked me in the shoulder and whispered something in my ear. (This is when my dream gets random.) "Look up there." she whispered and pointed up on the high bleacher I mentioned earlier. (First of all, I am an Invader Zim fan right now.) I looked up and saw Zim and Gir (Gir was in his disguise) sitting on the far right of the bleacher, Dib sitting next to his father (Professor Membrane) (Sitting in the middle seats) and Gaz sitting a few seats away from them, playing her video games. My friend's mom told me to go up and meet them. I was so hyped, but I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself, so I casually walked over to the pole, and climbed these stairs leading to the bleachers. When I reached to the top, I dashed over to Zim and Gir. Zim was confused that this random girl (me) came over to meet him. Gir, on the other hand was so excited to meet someone new. Gir was getting all hyperactive and hopping around. My friend's mom followed me up, (but I didn't notice) and she said that me and Gir should get a picture taken together. I was all for it and Gir was clapping his hands excitedly. He went on my shoulder and we both smiled. She grabbed her phone and took the picture. After she left, I went over to Dib, Gaz, and their father. Was sitting down, bored out of his mind, Gaz was play her games, and Professor Membrane was listening to the guy speak. The same thing happened like before; I meet them and got a picture taken. After that, the guy concluded this meeting thing and dismissed everyone. I went down to my family and we all went home. (I know, that was super weird.)

I was in some sort of resort.

I was in some sort of resort. There was a nice house with very blue water surrounding it. I went inside to buy 3 paintings I apparently liked and carried with me from somewhere else. There were 3 middle to older aged women inside. One wanted me to place my palm on hers and as she touched my hand and was about to lock it with her other hand, I said no and moved away. Suddenly I was outside and I was an old woman, while I'm actually a man in his 30s. I looked at my reflection and I was old, ugly and the eyes were kinda gray looking. As you can Imagine I was very shocked and concerned at that point. Until I suddenly woke up.

So i had a dream that i

So i had a dream that i had a brother who was really hot he was like 20 and i had a sister who was about 14 or 15. My 'brother' was apparently sexually abusing my 'sister' but he wasn't really they were both in love. One time i saw him touching her and kind of holding her tightly and i had this weird feeling and i'm not sure what it was. I think it was jealousy because in my dream i think i was in love with him. I've been thinking about this dream all day and i'm not sure what it means. I kind of recognise the 'brother' in it but i don't know where from.

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs walking around the corner near the stairs. I saw my first ex-boyfriend with some other people I can not recall. He said something but I forgot, the only thing I can remember him saying was "Oh my gosh.." and I think, "I'm coming up." and some other stuff but I forgot. Then next thing I knew was that he came up and I was with my other friends laughing down on the floor but we were across from where we were from. He was standing literally right next to me, I touching his feet was scrawling and laughing for whatever reason. I saw him smiling and chuckling at me, that same stare he would use give me when I was happy. That I-love-you kind of stare

Scarpe Tacco Osso If you are investing

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Recently, past 6 months, I have had

Recently, past 6 months, I have had several dreams where many dead actors, family members both dead and alive have been major characters in my dreams. Mel Gibson, Lorne Green, Elvis presley, bot my Grandmothers, two former bosses and the two others from Bonanza, have been with me in dreams. I have also twice been in the same building which is a place I have never seen before. In the dreams I am either friends with or dating these individuals. We have been to many places I have already been and then a few I can't say where they are. In one my sister became a Mud Wrestling Champion of our area, beating out a guy I went to school with over 40 years ago and her coach was also a former classmate. I wouldn't ask about a dream normally but I have had so many "odd" ones in such a short period of time that I am caught by suprise and the fact that many of them I have never met, which also includes one of my Grandmothers, kind of worries me now.

I watched as a group of men

I watched as a group of men had captured a black dragon and had him tied down with ropes and possibly a net. The dragon was the Chinese type that kind of floated above ground. While he looked ferocious, I could empathize that he he gnashing back and forth to escape the ties.(similar to King Kong movies) The dozen or so men were acting like heros, but there seemed to be no purpose in the capture. The dragon and I made eye contact and I swear this creature appeared to be so realistic.