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My ex-girlfriend is having sex with another

My ex-girlfriend is having sex with another man on an air mattress in the living area of the place i live. They are completely under the covers, but I can hear everything. After they are finished, she comes into my room to talk to me. She tries to tell me all about it, but then proceeds to tell me how I was better.

There was a hole in my mattress,

There was a hole in my mattress, as if it were manufactured. and i would piss in it so i did not have to go upstairs. there was a guy with mickey mouse ears, made out of flesh. he was doing surgery and had no mouth. there is also a recurring ski lodge.

This is more of a setting than

This is more of a setting than an actual storyline, because there was no real plot that was significant or memorable in anyway. The setting was the most notable part of the dream, and it is also the most describable. (I apologize for the weird formatting, my computer is frustrating.) 1) Grandma Harn (grandmother on my mother’s side) built our family (me, Mom, Dad, Kayla, Dani, Jake [my siblings]) a log cabin up in some mountain in a dense, secluded forest with very tall trees 2) This log cabin is a gigantic mansion-like bulding 3) Each of us (Kayla, Dani, Jake) had a room that matched their personalities perfectly (all rooms were built when I was 2, Jake was 6, Dani was 10, and Kayla was 11; even though many of the room’s components [styles, decorations, etc] had not been invented until they were much older, implying a slightly mixed up timeline) 4) I didn’t seem to have a room to match my personality, however since it was first built I had been given a room that was very different from my sibling’s. 5) This house had many guest rooms, each decorated with a different theme though those themes did not seem to be important in the dream. 6) Kayla/Dani’s room (they shared a room since they were so close in age and personality): a) Large windows on the walls, some of them were stained glass with numerous colors b)white walls with a purple and yellow and pink tint c) white plush carpets covered the entire floor d) the bed was in the back of the room; it was large and circular and its sheets were purple and turquoise. It was a very soft mattress with many pillows. e) in the center of the room there is a large circular bin at least half the length and width of the room itself and inside of it was an amount of stuffed animals d)the rest of the room had toys in it 7) Jake’s room: a) only slightly smaller than Kayla and Dani’s room, but only because only one person was to sleep in it. b) the room was in the shape of an octagon, each wall was decorated with a different scene, which include a scene from Star Wars, Skyrim, Zelda, Star Fox, Lord of the Rings, Halo, Assasin’s Creed, and Pokemon c) the floor was a soft yet thin navy blue carpet d)hanging from the ceiling was an x-wing, y-wing, and other various aircrafts from vrious shows and games that Jake likes. e) in the corresponding scenes on the sides of the room were the weapons, artifacts, and statues of characters of that game/show f) the bed was navy blue in the shape of a perfect square g) there was one window, but there were many bright lights in the room 8) My room: a) smaller than Jake’s room b) no windows, black carpets, black rectangular and standard sized bed c) the bed sheets had a pattern, but it was constantly changing so it was impossible to identify what that pattern was d)the carpet’s pattern stayed the same; it was patterned with black roses that were a slightly lighter shade of black than the rest of the room and the roses’ stems had large thorns e)the walls and ceilings were all mirrors, even the back of the door was a mirror. I often thought that I was seeing things moving in those mirrors in the corner of my eye d) one ceiling light; when the room’s light was turned off it was so dark that one could not see their own hand half an inch from their face. When it was completely dark and you were alone, it would be so silent that you swear that you can hear things. These things cannot be made out and cannot even be known to actually exist. You constantly feel like you are being watched. 9) I was never allowed to sleep or play in anyone else’s rooms, no matter how scared I was. My parents would never let me sleep in any other room, even at a young age and continuing on until I turned seven in my dream, which was when I woke up. They wouldn’t listen to me. They didn’t seem to care that much that I was afraid. They always told me to deal with it. 10) In Kayla/Dani’s room there was a staircase that led up to a patio/ballroom with tables and a checkered, marble floor. a) for a long time this patio has been overrun with aliens and monsters, which we were all entirely aware of. None of us were scared of them, in fact as long as we didn’t go up the staircase they wouldn’t bother us. Kayla and Dani even slept in that room. They didn’t seem to be hostile and even towards the end of my dream they didn’t attack us.

Mattress bed outside on the sand at

Mattress bed outside on the sand at the beach, man or father with me, caretaker or gardener, water, grass, small hill, mysterious large machine box beside the mattress, sketches or drawings of horsesonly down the side of a piece of paper,

I dreamt that I woke up and

I dreamt that I woke up and I couldn't turn on the lamp, I went to turn on the light and it didn't work either. I went out into the louge room and my dad was sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor. THen I dreamt that I woke up and I couldn't turn on the lamp, I tried the light and it didn't work. I went out of my bedroom and noticed that the door is open, which it never is. Then I dreamt that I woke up and I was happy to finally be awake so I tried to turn on the lamp but the switch was in the place I left it so I knew I was dreaming. I tried the light but it didn't work. I went out of my room and the other houses outside had lights on but one had a candle in the window. Then I dreamt that I woke up and was happy to be awake. I tried the lamp and it didn't work. then I tried the light and it didn't work. I went outside trying to see what was happening. I was at my neighbours house but knew that they shouldn't bw woken up by this. Then I dreamt that I woke up, I tried the lamp but it didn't work, neither did the light. I went out of my bedroom and was yelling at someone "am I awake, can you see me?" Then I dreamt that I woke up and tried the lamp, it didn't work, neither did the light. I went out to the kitchen and tried all the switches but no lights came on. That's when I knew that the lights had been cut (like a phone cable being cut) as everything else worked. All through the dream I was terrified

We were in a strange house that

We were in a strange house that belonged to my parents. I found out there was lava coming up under one of the rooms. I quickly removed the valuables of the child's bedroom. my mother and wife were their. After removing the important stuff I fell asleep on the floor. I awake to the room hot and the mattress smoking. I quickly got out of the room and tried to turn the lights on. The power was out to the room, and the room next to it. I went into the living room and turned the ceiling fan and light on to verify we had power. I then went to wake the family to tell them the room was about to burn up. The wife and my mother went in to talk with someone of a radio or something. They said that the bedroom was the only one that could receive the signal. For some reason this was important. I noticed from the doorway I missed a camera bad and due to the fact my wife was already in the room I asked her to get it. She was carrying a cup or drink. Afterwords I told my mom and wife to get out of the room as it only had seconds left. I started yelling for them to get out. Mom came out but the wife was on a stool doing something. I saw the lava and fire come up above the floor and I started screaming for my stubborn wife to get out. she ignored me and then I watched the lava swallow her up and she was dead in an instant. I awoke to a great fear.