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I'm 20 in college, I don't remember

I'm 20 in college, I don't remember the first half of my dream but ill start from where I do. I was in this cage with a friend we were shackled by our arms laying in this basement jail looking area, some how fire caught on the wall from the paper my legs were free so I started to kick it till it all went away,some how I'm crying talking to my friend and I somehow send my mom a message on a laptop and says "help me plz come get me it goes blank then, I remember leaving in a five speed hatch. We were at some kind of school... I almost hit a truck omw out so were leaving me and some friend were are flying down this road as if the breaks aren't that good I keep it on the road till the last curve were I fly out the car and I see it fly off this hill. Some how my friend is on the balcony I climb up to check on him he goes inside this persons house I follow after I do I remember boo this is not my house so I run to the door and run out side, now I remember waking up with my mom in a car saying some man knocked me out so I get in the car and leave as I do I see a girl on the balcony just staring at me... It is night time probably very late . Then I end up in this huge building we are partying or something like that, I could feel alot of anger, frustration and annoyed . I see these people huge some small but scary looking not really human but the other half were . Then I fall with my head hurting and I hear my voice yelling and see images of evil maybe demonic people idk.. Then I fund my self at my house were in the kitchen five people three guys and two girls , my and my friend got in a argument , I told him ill kick his ass he was talking back so I slammed him I used to be a wrestler then we end up stopping and leaving each other alone.. There was more but that's all I remember

I was dreaming that my husband got

I was dreaming that my husband got locked up by the police for stealing his own car. I went to visit him to see how I can help set him free. When I got to the station a lady with blonde hair was sitting there. Claiming to be his friend and that she wants to help him. I did not trusther and felt that she had hidden agendas. So I told her to stay away from him and that he is my husband and that I would help him. When I got to my husband he was standing in a room with the door open. I thought to myself that he could easily just walk out if there because there was no guards to stop him I also felt that she was the person who had him locked up.My husband then told me that they put him in that room to keep him away from the other prisoners and that he wasn't allowed to leave the room. He then contacted his lawyer to help him and the lawyer responded with a numerical coded message wich I unlocked for him. The message said that he can help my husband to proof his inocense but it would cost him R500. We didn't have the money so I told my husband that I would go to another policestation with the proof that he is inocent and have them release him. But if all else fails I would brake him out of prison myself.