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I was in a deserted town that

I was in a deserted town that I had never seen before. Everything was dark, blue, and foggy. I wandered around, lost until I found an abandoned supermarket. I searched up and down the aisles. Things were knocked over, fluorescent lights hung overhead. I heard a noise in another aisle. I walked towards the exit to get away, but it heard me. A man in black started chasing me with a knife with the intent to kill. I was almost to the exit when I woke up

It was late night i was looking

It was late night i was looking out side the front door because i heard loud noise a person driving a fork lift turned quickly and ran into the neighbors front window and spun around again moving and jerking its body quickly. i ran to wake the children and put shoes on them to leave the house for saftey but our house was being attacked so e went to the roof and their were lots of others on their roof

I was riding a bus with a

I was riding a bus with a group of people from some sort of resistance group. I was sitting in the back left seat when I saw a dragon flying around from a distance in the front window of the bus. It then flew towards us and broke through the mirror of the bus and walked around. It retracted its wings and I interpreted it as a velociraptor at this point. It walked down the isle each time coming close to me, it seemed as though it could not see us bus was listening and smelling in order to find us. There was a girl sitting on the right side of the bus and the raptor seemed like it was going to attack but i threw something on the ground away from the girl so that it was distracted by the noise. The velociraptor turned to see what it was. It sniffed the cup that I threw and caught my scent with it. It then creeped up towards me. To my surprise it wanted to be my friend however I was still slightly cautious of the velociraptor.

In the bedroom I hear a sound

In the bedroom I hear a sound outside, night time, could see a shadow of a child near our window, I go to the window, it is dark, and I make frightening noises, to scare the young intruder, calling out to catch him, calling out our dead dog name to attack him. He screams and jumps one floor down then as he was climbing over fence I could see the shadow of a ladder, metal one, falling behind him or on him as his shadow disappears

Had a dream last night that I

Had a dream last night that I got an abortion.I am not pregnant and my tubes are tied.I never had an abortion or went with anyone when they did.in my dream I remember the nurse,I remember the room,I remember the process.I remember the noises and the lights.I remember crying for my baby.I remember afterwards,the cramping the bleeding.everything was so real.when I woke up my hands were both clenched so tightly that I could barely move my fingers

I'm sitting on the porch on the

I'm sitting on the porch on the steps and my grandmother is in a rocking chair. The sky is blue no noises just the breathing and sounds of our voices. My grandmother says it is going to be bad

I was staying in a house, that

I was staying in a house, that used to once be an all girls academy, many years ago. Though very old, the house was refurbished. Everyday I would hear footsteps and giggling, sometimes darting from room to room. One night as I am in bed with my best friend, she nudges me to wake me up. She tells me she can hear noises downstairs and we need to see whats happening. We go down the staircase into the main living room, to see that one of the windows were open. Letting the wind and rain get in. We close the window and go back upstairs. She wakes me about an hour or so after saying she hears something again. We go downstairs again to see all the windows are open, while a large rocking chair is rocking back and forth. all the furniture was covered in white sheets. Outside the window in the rain I could faintly see a young boy laughing and giggling. WE go back upstairs in a fright and I tell her not to go downstairs no matter what. We hear footsteps and our door open as the figure whispers to me "You have to come downstairs I have something to show you, you have to come downstairs now."