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Elana came to be with me and

Elana came to be with me and then left, three separate times, we met in different places. I am in India, feeling free and happy. I am suspended in strange endless substance, like cosmos. There is a narrowing tunnel, a bright orange alien-looking creature is moving very slowly along this tunnel, putting his two elongated robotic legs one in front on another, it is pulling a large light blue semi transparent ball that is several times larger than itself, inside the ball there is tiny naked Elana in a microscopic size, she is looking very sexually aroused and I can feel she is very wet. We are at the end of the tunnel now, there are dozens of these blue balls there, in each of the balls there is a tiny naked Elana in a slightly different provocative pose, some are lying, some are reclining, some are standing, some are dancing. I notice barely visible holographic strings that connect me to each ball. I see a piece of cosmos through the window on the door at the end of the tunnel and also the end of another tunnel, maybe 10 meters apart and disappearing into the horizon while becoming thicker. I hear a rising sound, like electricity current, suddenly all the balls burst simultaneously and the door at the end of the tunnel opens, the door of another tunnel opens also and all the tiny Elanas jump to the other tunnel really quickly and disappear there behind the closed doors. I think the phrase “this is the nature of the reality”.

I was in a barn I have

I was in a barn I have never seen before. There were haystacks, ropes, pitchforks, and other farm-tending equipment. As I looked around, I noticed stairs leading to a dark hall. It seemed I had nowhere else to go, so I decided that the creepy stairs was the right path to take. It was a narrow balcony that lined the inside of the barn. Nothing special was up there. Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the haystacks. I looked down and saw a beastly looking shadow. The shadow was becoming smaller and smaller then finally, a huge orange monster popped out under the balcony. I began running towards the huge barn doors and the monster chased me, following my every step. I thought I was going to die and my heart began pounding out of my chest. Then, I finally woke up.

I'm walking through a bright forest. The

I'm walking through a bright forest. The trees seem to shine in the summer light and the grass is soft against my feet. In my arms is my little cousin. she is in a green shirt with grey shorts on and surrounding me are the people I care about. My 'family' of sorts. My best friend and the person I love is standing on my right. She in in a baby blue dress that looks like the sky. Indigo mixes with the dress giving it a beautiful shade. My younger sister is on my left in a dark purple blouse lined with dark blue. She is wearing black jeans and her hair is flowing in the small breeze. She is laughing with my cousin. My cousin is in a white dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist and her hair is in a pony tail. In front of us, leading the way is my other cousin, and he is wearing a red dress shirt with blue jeans. He makes his way through a small arch created by two trees who's branches twist together and make a pathway. We each enter it and I take notice I am wearing. It's a simple white dress with orange on the straps and a orange ribbon around the waist. I am holding my baby cousin in one arm and in the other a blanket. My cousin puts down the basket he was holding and takes his sister from me as I set out the blanket. We begin to eat and talk, enjoying time together. Time passes quickly and soon we start swimming in a lake nearby. It took up about 1/3 of the meadow and glistened in the sun. I am sitting with my best friend on the blanket when I hear a shot. Looking around frantically I see my sister fall in the water and red pool around her. My cousin who was standing near her screams her head off and runs to my sister through the water only for another shot to sound and her fall. By this time me and my other two cousins are trying to get together but my baby cousin trips and is gunned down. Me my friend and cousin are all together and crying when we start to run. Just as another shot sounds my cousin ducks in front of my friend and takes the bullet for her. We mourn for him but soon start running. We are now lost in the woods and cannot get out and I feel a tugging on my arms to see my friend with a hole in her stomach. I weep as she fades away and start running. Darkness comes and soon a blood red moon rises in the sky. I once again feel pulling but as my arms, legs and dress. I look around to see the dead corpses of everybody pulling at me. Old cut scars now are bleeding and my blood mixes with theirs. I start screaming and crying before becoming weak and letting myself fall into their clutches and waking up after hearing the familiar shout of a gun-shot.

My friend Sara and I were sitting

My friend Sara and I were sitting on the mountains and all of the sudden I wanted to take a picture of the sky because it was so beautiful and as I was taking the picture this plane is coming and so I'm waiting for it to pass so I can get a picture but it ends up getting closer and closer and it ends up crashing and I thought that it the sky so much prettier because it had the dark pink and orange and then grey from the smoke but it was so scary at the same time. And then the plane exploded and somehow the debris was sent so far that it hit me and it was this giant fiery hunk of metal but after it hit me I just stood up and was telling people how I saw that plane crash and explode and tried showing them the burn marks that I could feel on me but the marks weren't showing. And the last part I remember of it was asking Sara to send me the pictures I took.

I was at my neighbours eating a

I was at my neighbours eating a meal before going out for the evening. When we went out i found myself at a checkpoint without my neighbour, where everyone wore white tops and gray trousers. They were like robots walking through in single file. I was then singled out by a man in shiny black shoes, black trousers and a flamenco style orange and red shirt. I was dancing with him but when i said no more as i couldn't do the dance i found myself all alone there. There was no-one going through the checkpoint. I went into a room of people who didn't speak my language to ask them to let me go. They muttered amoungst themselves, then a woman said they wouldn't let me go as i refused to dance with the man in the bright clothes. I then woke up/